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6 Restaurants To Visit During Family Weekend At Georgia State

6 Restaurants To Visit During Family Weekend At Georgia State

Keep reading for 6 restaurants to take your parents to during family weekend at Georgia State. They're sure to be a hit with everyone!

Family weekend at Georgia State is coming up quickly. Are you stuck wondering where to take them for dinner? Don’t worry! Keep reading for 6 restaurants to take your parents to during family weekend at Georgia State. They’re sure to be a hit with everyone!

1. The General Muir

This New-York style Jewish deli is located about 15 minutes away from campus, near Emory. I love how the sleek, white subway tiling around the restaurant bears semblance to traditional New York delis. This restaurant is upscale and reservations can be made for dinner only. Offering breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch, this deli is definitely a place to visit any time of day! My personal favorite menu items are the pastrami sandwich and the matzo ball soup. Absolutely delicious!

2. The Sundial

The Sundial is very unique in that it is a spinning hotel restaurant, offering panoramic views of the city of Atlanta. Located walking distance from campus, this fancy restaurant is definitely a place where reservations are strongly recommended. A variety of food options are available, such as seafood pasta, lobster rolls, smoke house burgers, sea scallops, wood roasted salmon, and much more. Check out this place if you’re up to enjoying breathtaking views of the city in an elaborate restaurant.


3. Antico Pizza

Just a few minutes away near Georgia Tech, this family-run pizzeria never disappoints. In fact, it is known to be the seventh highest rated pizzeria in the US, according to TripAdvisor. Authentic pizza ovens imported straight from Italy, amazing atmosphere, and you can never go wrong with pizza! Super casual and no reservations needed.

4. West Egg Café

This popular brunch spot serves breakfast food all day and is located just three miles away from campus, in midtown. A very casual environment and no reservations necessary. I highly recommend the Georgia Benedict and the black bean cakes & eggs. Definitely a fun place to go with your family!

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5. Fire of Brazil

Fire of Brazil is within walking distance from campus, and is perfect for those looking to try something new. This Brazilian steakhouse offers a salad and sides bar buffet, and a wide variety of meat options. Reservations can be made at this nice restaurant.


6. The Varsity

And of course. The Varsity. This is a popular Atlanta landmark, located right by Georgia Tech. A very casual place and reservations are definitely not a thing here, which makes it perfect for a last minute dinner during family weekend at Georgia State. This restaurant offers your traditional hotdogs, hamburgers, sandwiches, and a variety of dessert items. One of the main reasons people visit the Varsity is because of its status as an iconic, historic restaurant with a bustling atmosphere. Coming here is a fun experience and definitely a popular spot amount tourists!

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