Fashion & Beauty

5 Easy Tips To Perfect The NYC Style

New York City is arguably one of the most fashionable cities in the world, and for good reason. Just look at the streets of New York and you will find women sporting…

College Life

20 Signs You Go To Santa Clara University

20 Signs You Go To Santa Clara University

I remember vividly my first time ever at Santa Clara University. It was the summer before my senior year of high school and I was a seventeen-year-old girl who had no semblance…



10 Things About Sex Every College Student Should Know

As humans we biologically are predisposed to sex, whether it’s for pro-creational purposes or just for fun. Either way, it happens- and the most important thing that any college student can do…


Food & Drink

The Best (and Worst) Food for Studying

Studying for an important exam is difficult enough without having to worry about what to eat – and what not to eat – during the days leading up. It can be quite…