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10 Makeup Brands From Sephora You Should Check Out

10 Makeup Brands From Sephora You Should Check Out

If you are a makeup junkie like me, then you already know that Sephora is the best place to get your fix in. Even though I am a frequent Sephora shopper, I…

College Life

10 Toxic Social Norms That You Will Probably Combat In College

College can be a lot of fun, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of toxic social norms popping up all over college campuses that you will probably have to deal with.…



The 10 Best Relationship Podcasts

Relationships are arguably the most important thing in our lives. Everything revolves around the relationship we have with others, and ourselves. Sometimes things aren’t always smooth sailing in our relationships and it’s…


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10 Best Classic and New Style Alcohol Beverages

I understand wanting to have the urge of wanting a nice captivating drink, but at the same time being hesitant to try into having to take into consideration like price.  1. Bacardi…