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15 Signs You Grew Up In Central Jersey

15 Signs You Grew Up In Central Jersey

From the craptastic drivers to the fundamental debate on whether or not Central Jersey even exists! Read on for 15 signs you grew up in Central Jersey!

From the craptastic drivers to the fundamental debate on whether or not Central Jersey even exists, we’ve got you natives covered. Read on for 15 signs you grew up in Central Jersey!

1. You didn’t just ask for a glass of water, you asked for a glass of “wuder”

You may get made fun of for it when you venture out, but it’s the way you were raised to say it. You have a better chance of getting made fun of for pronouncing the “T” than not. Besides, you like the way it sounds better anyway.

2. You’ve placed in the awkward position of having to choose from what feels like a million different sports teams

Since your so close to so many cities the options are endless. From the Jets to the Giants to the Eagles, from the Phillies to the Yankees to the Mets, from the Rangers to the Flyers to the Devils, you can mix and match however you feel. Just be careful what you say, you never know who someone could be a fan of.


3. You eat pork roll all the time, but have never heard of Taylor Ham

Trenton, New Jersey is actually home of the famous Pork Roll Festival hosted at the Trenton Social. From having it as a side at breakfast, to on a bagel with egg and cheese, and yes even just having it for dinner, its a home town favorite. However, you better watch out for when those northern’s offer you a slice of Taylor Ham, because you won’t want to turn it down. central  jersey

4. You’ve gotten in fights with people over whether central Jersey exists, and it does

For some odd reason it seems that unless you’re from central New Jersey, you don’t seem to think it exists! There is a North and South Jersey but right in between the two is us. You’ve even pulled up maps in order to show your right.



5. You can tell people your an hour away from the cities, the shore and the mountains and actually mean it

Its true and it’s wonderful. An hour north and you hit New York, and hour west and you hit Philly and hour east and you got the shore (and yes it’s the shore not the beach) and all around in the middle of nowhere New Jersey you have mountains to hike. There’s never nothing to do and you love the fast pace of it.

6. You spend you summers on the Jersey shore, but spend the rest of the year explaining to people that it’s not like a Jersey Shore episode

Though Jersey Shore was rather entertaining, you want everyone to make sure you don’t just fist bump the entire time you’re on your vacation. Besides, half the cast wasn’t even from Jersey! You go there for the nice beaches and good weather.

7. You have no idea how to pump your own gas and are totally okay with it

Honestly, you feel bad for all the other states that actually have to pump it themselves. The hard part is when you cross state borders and have to figure out how to do it yourself.


8. You’ve gone to get breakfast at a diner at 3 in the morning and it was totally acceptable and in fact highly encouraged

You can’t really call yourself a true New Jersian until you’ve walked into a diner in the middle of the night and ordered yourself a full meal. You’ve gone with your friends, your family and maybe even yourself, but for some reason, the food tastes better then than it would when your actually supposed to be eating it.

9. You’re a pizza snob & have every right to be

No but seriously, pizza everywhere else just isn’t as good. You can’t find an edible tomato pie anywhere else and make it a well known fact. If you want a true Italian pizza try Delorenzo’s Pizza originated in Trenton they now have locations all over.

10. You complain about NJ drivers being bad drivers but all drivers from any other state are the absolute worst

Though we can be aggressive and a little crazy as drivers, we are so much better than everyone else. Maybe it’s because we grew up driving on highways and go head to head with New York drivers or maybe we’re just that much better.

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11. Every intersection you pass has either a gas station, Wawa or a Dunkin Donuts

It’s actually super convenient. Want an iced coffee? Dunkins up on your left. Wanna hit up hoagie fest? Make a right and Wawa’s right there. Low on gas? Make a left a right or keep going and you’ll hit a gas station in about a minute.

12. You have an undeniable love for Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi

If you’re a mom, dad, son, daughter, grandmother or a household pet you love our hometown boys. You know all the words to Born in the USA and Living on a Prayer and if you start singing them in public it’ll turn into a community choir.


13. Your summer hasn’t officially started until you’ve attended a concert at the BB&T Pavilion

Hopping on the river-line and take it down to Newark for a concert is really just a right of passage. Tailgating in the parking lot and then spending the night out on the lawn is the only way to kick off the summer.


14. You’ve taken at least one school field trip to the Camden Aquarium

As a child your favorite day was field trip day and you always knew where you were gonna end up. You would count down the days until you could walk through the tunnel of sharks.


15. You always describe it as the “Princeton area” when explaining where you live

No one ever seems to hear of the small towns in the area so that in hopes that people will actually recognize where your from you drop the Princeton. On the upside everyone then thinks your some sort of genius. Not too shabby.

What are some other signs you grew up in Central Jersey? Let us know down below!
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