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What Chicagoans Miss The Most When They Go To College

What Chicagoans Miss The Most When They Go To College

Chicago is one of the greatest places in America. Here are a few things you’ll miss if you're one of the many Chicagoans leaving for college.

Chicago is, without a doubt, one of the greatest places in America. Whether you’re relaxing at the local beach or hopping on the L with some friends, there’s never a boring day in the beautiful Windy City. If you’re from the city and you find yourself going away for college, here are a few of the many things all Chicagoans will miss.

1. Chicago Style hot dogs.

The food in the city is absolutely unbeatable, and hot dogs are a staple for many locals. Many swear by the “Chicago-style” dog, with white onions, pickle relish, tomato slices, and more. Chicagoans will miss the retro drive-in of Superdawg and the jazzy atmosphere of Portillo’s, but no matter where they go, ketchup will never be acceptable on a hot dog.

2. Freshly made deep dish pizza.

They don’t call pizza “pie” for nothing. Pizzeria Uno is credited for inventing Chicago’s famous deep dish, which consists of a thick crust, gooey mozzarella cheese, and chunky tomato sauce on top (with individual toppings, of course). Even if a Chicagoan finds their way to a place that offers deep dish, it won’t have quite the soul that a true Chicago pizza has.

3. The first-class museums right around the corner.

Chicago is home to countless beautiful museums, including the Field Museum, the Shedd Aquarium, the Adler Planetarium, and the Art Institute. The beautiful exhibits are at the top of any Chicagoan weekend getaway or planning a first date, and will definitely be missed while at college.

4. The beauty of Lake Michigan.

Lake Michigan provides a magnificent escape from the bustling city life. There’s no better summer adventure than taking a trip down to North Avenue Beach for a day out with friends. Those travelling to a state without access to a beautiful body of water  will definitely be having withdrawals.

4. Being a major concert stop.

From the House of Blues to Soldier Field (to even Lollapalooza), Chicago has so many venues that are frequented by major and upcoming artists. With such a big city, it’s always a tour stop! Good luck to those studying in a rural area–try to book as many concerts as you can during your breaks.

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5. Cherished sport teams.

The Hawks, Bulls, Bears, Sox, and Cubs are just as much a part of Chicago as the Sears Tower is. We love our athletes like we love our family members, and we cheer when they succeed–especially our 2016 World Series Champions. When you leave you might feel yourself being pulled towards other teams, but your heart will always be with Chicago.

6. The people and the atmosphere.

Of course, you’re going to miss your family and your friends. But, there’s something about the people and the atmosphere that will continue to draw you back. In a place with the bustle of New York but the Midwestern charm, you can’t go wrong home sweet home: Chicago.

What else do Chicagoans miss about their favorite city? Let us know down below!
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