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10 Haunted Places In Utah You Need To Visit

10 Haunted Places In Utah You Need To Visit

From theaters to parks and night clubs, there are plenty of haunted sites to explore. Keep reading for 10 haunted places in Utah that you NEED to visit!

With Halloween right around the corner, what better way to celebrate than taking a look at some of the most haunted places in Utah?! From theaters to parks and night clubs, there are plenty of haunted sites to explore. Keep reading for 10 haunted places in Utah that you NEED to visit!

1. Rio Grande Train Depot

300 S. Rio Grande St.

Built in 1910, patrons of the train station began noticing the hauntings in 1940. One of the most famous ghosts is “The Purple Lady” and is said to be the ghost of an engaged woman who was planning on meeting her fiance at the train station. The two were fighting, and the man threw her engagement ring onto the tracks, The woman tried to retrieve it from the tracks and was hit and killed by a train. The Rio Grande depot is now home to the Utah State Historical society, and is right by a popular downtown shopping mall, The Gateway.


2. The Capitol Theater

50 W. 200 South

The Capitol Theatre in downtown Salt Lake City is said to be the home to a “mischeveous” spirit named Richard Duffin. Richard died in a fire at the theatre in 1949. Richard is said to be especially active during performances of the Nutcracker (making the Capitol theatre the best place to be around the holidays!). Capitol Theater was even featured on an episode of Paranomal Witness.


3. Trolley Square

600 S. 700 East

Anyone who has ever been to Trolley Square knows that it’s an interesting area, and supposedly it’s haunted! A ghost named “The Bus Barn Painter” is said to roam around the doors of the mall entrance. There are several theories as to who the ghost is, but none are confirmed. Another area close by ( right up the street) is Gilgal Gardens. It’s not haunted, but it’s a strange area nevertheless!

4. This is The Place State Park

2601 Sunnyside Ave S


This is the Place has a very in depth history of hauntings. The historical park seems to have hundreds of 19th century spirits wandering about. Singing and regular dancing can be heard in the Social Hall, and smells can be smelled wafting from the kitchen. The Farmhouse is said to be the most haunted building on the property, and there was an incident where a volunteer found a child’s hand prints up the walls of the farmhouse.

5. Area 51 Club

451 South 400 W

Many patrons will testify that the dance club Area 51 is haunted. Supposedly, a young woman overdosed on cocaine and died in the middle stall of the upstairs Womens bathroom. The door to the stall frequently gets stuck, and then randomly has times staying closed. It’s been reported by people who are not drinking that they feel nauseous upon entering the bathroom.


6. Gravity Hill

E. Capitol Blvd., Salt Lake City, UT

It is said that there is a man who was driving his tractor on the overpass of an interstate where he drove off the overpass and died. If you put your car in neutral on the incline of the hill, it will hold you stopped and you will not roll backwards. You will literally be pulled over the overpass!

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7. Hansen (Clark) Planetarium

110 400 W, Salt Lake City

Library turned planetarium in 1965, it is reported by employees that there are several ghosts that haunt the basement. During shows, there can be a black shadow walking through the audience. The ghost is said to be of a library employee who hung himself in the basement.

8. DMA Building

#9 Exchange Place, Salt Lake City


Good luck getting inside! But if you are one of the lucky few who get to see the open well in the basement, you are lucky! The well water has been tested and employees have reported that the area just doesn’t feel “right.” Employees don’t even go downstairs alone!

9. City County Building

There are as many as FIVE reported ghosts in this haunted building. A previous mayor, a grieving mother, an old judge, and two children haunt the various floors of the building. There are also entrances that access the underground city wide tunnel system inside the building. This has to be one of the most haunted places in Utah.

10. Bonneville Salt Flats

Located by the Great Salt Lake


The Salt Flats is one area of the state where many people have passed away. In the 1800s, many people died there trying to make it West. There have been several murder victims found, and visitors report feeling relatively uneasy when visiting, and many report to have hallucinations of dead people walking in the area.

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