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20 Things You Wish You Knew Before Freshman Year At Kent State University

20 Things You Wish You Knew Before Freshman Year At Kent State University

Welcome, freshmen, to the college life. College life isn’t all like in the movies. Here are 20 things you wish you knew before freshman year at Kent State.

Welcome, freshmen, to the college life. It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for ever since you got out of that drab high school life full of drama and math formulas you’ll never use again. But beware. College life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be in the movies. Here are 20 things you wish you knew before freshman year at Kent State.

1. You will cry.

Count on it. Whether you are homesick, lonely, or bogged yourself down with too many credit hours, expect some waterworks. It’s totally normal. If the sadness gets extreme, contact Psychological Services in the DeWeese Health Center.


2. You should enjoy the electives while you have the time.

If you’re a math major who decides to take ballet, do it for the fun. As Confucius boldly states, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Switch out class for job. This way, the classes are more for fun than for the grade.

3. Don’t skip out on assignments in your electives.

They help bring up GPA.

4. Put your best effort into your first half of the midterm as cushion for everything before winter break or after spring break.

This is the time most students start to taste the freedom of zero classwork for however many weeks. Don’t let it tempt you.


5. Bring an umbrella.

This is pretty basic, but there are a lot of students who forget to pack one, and end up overspending on an umbrella from the bookstore in the Student Center.

6. Don’t stress about getting involved in campus activities.

They will always be there and there will always be new ones.



7. Set a healthy sleep schedule.

Sleep is important for brain function and energy levels. Falling asleep in a college class won’t fly so well as it did in high school. The professor might not care, but your grades for participation and note-taking skills will falter.


8. Set a healthy meal plan/schedule.

Just like sleep, it’s important to fuel your body adequately to take on the day ahead. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as common health advice says. Stay fueled.

9. Use your meal plan dollars to their max because you don’t get that money refunded.

If you’re stuck with one grand left over at the end of the semester, you’ll be stuck buying groceries you might not even want at outlandish prices just to break even.

10. Don’t play with the squirrels.

They aren’t that friendly, just hungry.


11. Save money with a ten minute walk to the local ACME Fresh Market.

Instead of buying products from the bookstore like personal hygiene, over-the-counter medicine, etc.

12. Go to church.

There are plenty denominations around with great opportunities to get involved with the Kent community through youth groups. It’s also nice to have somewhere to go on Sunday mornings if you didn’t party too hard Saturday night.


13. The friendships you form during orientation are likely not going to stick.

Don’t stress, though, because there are plenty of students and plenty of opportunities in class and in organizations to make new friends.

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14. You don’t have to be best friends with your roommate.

Just cohabitate and express your concerns with an open mind.

15. Get familiar with your professors.

As level 10000 classes usually are taught by more understanding and sometimes helpful faculty.

16. Get familiar with the map of campus and downtown.

Your travel time to classes and going out with friends count on it.


17. Know how to use an ATM.

Kent uses PNC bank kiosks on campus and in the student center.

18. Pre-plan your next semester’s schedule before actually logging in and scheduling on your designated day.

Write down multiple options for classes you need to take, color code them according to availability of seats and preference.



19. Scheduling classes soon?

Your academic advisor helped you for fall, but this spring you are on your own. Be up at midnight to schedule on your designated day, as competition for seats is strong.

20. Bring a pencil, or else you’re stuck with those dinky golf pencils that have no eraser.

Very few professors will ask you to complete exams in pen, as Kent uses the “bubble-sheet” or scantron system to grade exams.


What are you most excited for during freshman year at Kent State? Comment below!
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