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10 Easy Classes At The University of South Carolina

10 Easy Classes At The University of South Carolina

If you're looking for the easy road to completing your Carolina Core requirements, here are 10 easy classes at the University of South Carolina.

The University of South Carolina is an amazing school, with a great staff dedicated to furthering your career. Unfortunately, for us students, not everything we learn is going to help our chosen career path, and some of the classes we’re forced to take are completely useless. If you’re looking for the easy road to completing your Carolina Core requirements, here are 10 easy classes at the University of South Carolina.

1. UNIV 101

Let’s start with the most basic and most promoted class at USC. University 101 is an introductory class for the school, which helps educate incoming freshmen with becoming acquainted with the school and creating good habits. Unlike many of the other classes you’ll have to take during your stay, this one is extremely useful, and most students do better because of what they learn in the class. Definitely a recommended course!

2.  FILM 300

If you’re looking for a class that you don’t even need to attend, this is the place! Film and Media History (FILM 300) is as simple as it sounds. The class mainly consists of screening movies of all different eras. The professors are laid back, and the classes are big, so no one will know if you’re missing!

3. GEOG 221

This one is for you, South Carolinians!  Remember having to take South Carolina history in 8th grade? Well, if you do, you’re in luck! GEOG 221 (South Carolina Geography) is the easiest class for your social sciences requirements. This class is dedicated to reminding you what the hell the Piedmont is and everything else that’ll you’ll forget right after the final.  One of the easiest classes to take as you’ve experienced everything that you will be taught.

4. POLI 201

Ah, the good ol’ POLI 201, AKA every US History class you’ve ever taken.  This class covers straight through the American Government system like never before, well actually you’ve have, multiple times through grade school.  Still have your high school notes?  Then you might not even have to bother attending class!  You don’t even have to memorize the preamble again!

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5. ARTE 101

Love art? No? Well don’t feel bad. You’ll love how simple of a concept it is after taking ARTE 101.  It’s the introductory art course, consisting of the usual suspects like the Da Vinci (not Leonardo) and Mozart. Boring?  Most definitely, but extremely easy.

6. PSYC 101

Did you take high school psychology? If you did, then you’re in luck!  Psychology 101 is a review of everything you learned in that class. Even if you didn’t take Psychology in the past, it’s not hard to catch up on what you missed. While maybe not useful for non-psychology majors, it’s very informative for your own mental health.

7. MUSC 110

Remember how boring and easy music appreciation was?  Well here is your second dose of it!  Another very generic and easy introductory class, which won’t take much effort at all. Let’s just hope you don’t mind listening to classical music!

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8. ENGL 101

Hate writing papers? Well sorry, that’s a definite with this class.  Luckily for you, that’s mainly what it consists of! Unlike grade school English classes, this one focuses on writing and grammar rather than literature. It’s a good class to prep yourself for all the papers that lie ahead!

9. HIST 112

Want to take a class that you’re literally living through?  Well HIST 112 is that class then. It consists of US History from the end of the Civil War to modern times.  Most of it are things you see on the nightly news or talked about in your US History classes back in the day.

10.  COLA 298

What is this class? It’s a social science class, about social sciences. What does COLA mean? Nobody knows.  What I do know, it’s one of the, if not the easiest class on campus.  It generalizes many topics and rarely goes in depth on matters.

ALL college classes do require some level of work and effort.  Do not take away from this article that you won’t have to show up for these classes as professors vary.  We here at Society19 wish you the best of luck for the 2017-2018 school year!

What are some easy classes at the University of South Carolina? Let us know down below!
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