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20 Hacks To Make Your Life Easier At Kent State University

20 Hacks To Make Your Life Easier At Kent State University

Have you ever been stressed out by the simplest of things? When you are pressed for time during your first week of classes trying to find your way around campus. Or maybe you have been getting too many darn parking tickets? Well this article provides 20 hacks to make your life easier at Kent State University!


1. Study group

Ever needed an extra set of eyes to see if your notes you took during class are accurate? Well there is an app called study group where you pay for another student’s well taken notes who happens to be attending the same class you have. You can also  sign up to be the paid note-taker too! notes.  

2. KSU Mobile

This is an application you can download on your phone is to to find walking maps to your classes, to look up your student ID number, or even to find out your GPA.

3. KentWired

KSU’s online newspaper and can be downloaded as an application on your phone. You can receive breaking news updates, emergency warnings, and weather situations from this app.


TV2KSU is the number 1 college television station in the country, and available to students to keep them informed! The station is played throughout certain areas on campus such as the library, the student center, or the health center for example. Students can tune into the station on channel 2.2 on campus, or channel 16 off campus and throughout Portage County on channel 16 and 2.2 on campus.

5. Parking Services

Having a bad day and your tire is pressure is low? Or maybe your car needs a cable jump? Well no worries because Parking Services at Kent State University can drive to your car and bring gas if it needs it, or help you with a battery charge, or simply to fill air in the tires.

6. Libraries

The KSU library is open 24/7, and during exam week they hold “Puppy Therapy” events and free food to de-stress students during exam week.



On a budget and want something to do? Free movies are played inside the Student Center at the KIVA. This is a great venue to watch the most recent movies on campus, rather than having to find a ride to the nearest movie theatre.

8. SnapChat

KSU is on SnapChat! Yes that’s right! The University is becoming well…hip, so look forward to campus snaps, and videos of all the events for that week, upcoming future events, as well as emergency awareness snaps.


9. Rosie’s Market

This market is located in Tri-Towers and is next to Koonce Hall where you can sit and order your food with your meal plan or have them deliver food right to your door starting at 6am deliveries until 2am.

10. Fork in The Road

This is the portable food bus that travels around campus to certain hot spots such as the Esplanade where most students stop and eat when they are short for time.

 11. Spot Parta

This is the new bus app that can be downloaded on your phone that notifies you when your bus is arriving at your stop, and when the ETA is while you wait for the bus to pick you up.


12. Skating

Looking to try something different? The Ice Arena holds $3 ice skating for any Kent State Student. All you need is your KSU I.D. and you’re in.


13. Career services resume building

Need some help with creating an eye catching resume? Look no further than right here on campus with Career Services.  Seminars are held a couple times each semester about the dos and don’ts of resume building.

14. Job fair

Looking for internships or possible job opportunities after graduating? The Job Fair is held each year on campus. This is also a great way to make connections with people in your major.

15. What’s Up Kent State

This is a part of Kent State Universities website, all you do is go to google type in What’s Up Kent State and the site will pop up. Click on it and you can view all kinds of events, and news coverage that will be happening on and off campus.

16. Black squirrels

Yes, they are cute and cuddly looking, and of course fluffy! But that does not mean that they are not little devious rascals. So make sure you leave all windows and screens shut, because you never know what those pesky squirrels will get into.

17. Tampons through meal plan

Yes, finally! This has been a highly debated issue for the past 5 months, and any KSU student can now buy lady products with their meal plan. This makes things a lot easier for your time of the month, and the last thing you need to worry about with a busy class schedule.

18. Therapy pet in dorm

Just this past Fall 2016 semester, a new law is in effect to allow you to have a pet in the dorms on campus. To have this approved, you will need to establish a need for a pet with a doctor’s note and/or a certificate with the pet.


19. Flash Alerts

This is an automatic system of alerts sent to your phone after you send them the designated code to the number, your phone is activated to get alerted with Flashline announcements, as well as weather alerts, danger threats, and other emergency and weather related situations. Your parents can also be activated under the system as well. This will keep you and your parents at ease while on or off campus at KSU.

20. Ticket Appeal

Ever have one of those annoying parking tickets? Well we all know that the first ticket is free, but what about the second one? Well if you have a legitimate reason why you should not have gotten a ticket then you can appeal it online.

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