10 Things That Will Probably Never Happen At Kent State

Ah, fall semester is here. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and the construction is in full bloom! Kent is full of so many opportunities and what ifs. Here is a list of things that “probably” will never happen to you at Kent State!

1. You will never run into construction!

Kent is always up to date with its construction! Never will you see a closed road here! Everything is wide open and pot holes are always filled!

2. You will always know when the bus is coming.

The bus schedule is always so right! You look online and see the bus is gonna be there at 5:25 it will there! Give or take 5 minutes… or 10 minutes… or 30 minutes

3. You will never run into a fashion major.

Fashion major? I don’t think so! Nope, none of them here!

4. You will never see a lot of snow!

Snow up at Kent? Practically unheard of! And if it does snow the sidewalks are always clear for the students to walk carefully to class.

5. You will never get a parking ticket!

Parking tickets are never handed out! Are you kidding! The parking people never EVER hand out tickets!

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6. You won’t have to wait long at Einsteins in the Hub.

Speedy service there, always no question.

7. You won’t eat Chipotle every week.

Yes, it is close to campus but you definitely won’t eat it a lot.

8. You won’t be drinking coffee every second of the day.

You wont be up all night doing homework or working on that paper! Everyone knows how to not procrastinate!

9. You won’t pull an all nighter. Ever.

Everyone will get a full 8-9 hours every night! Obviously, its college!

10. You won’t be blown away at the “K” near the library.

There isn’t even a breeze there! That area is so calm, a feather wouldn’t even move! This most definitely won’t be you on the way to the library….

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Ok, now lets be real. All these things happen at Kent State. Every college has their flaws and complaints about their school, but without them college would be boring! Kent is truly the best college in Ohio and you will enjoy every single second! Yes, there are a few things that will just bug the hell out of you, but whats life without a few complaints? Learn to love everything about Kent and it will truly be your home away from home! Get ready for the fall semester everyone and enjoy everything Kent has to offer!
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