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9 Things You Will Never Hear A Student Say At The University of New Hampshire

9 Things You Will Never Hear A Student Say At The University of New Hampshire

9 Things You Will Never Hear A Student Say At The University of New Hampshire

There’s a lot of talk around the University of New Hampshire campus, whether it’s between friends or you just hear it walking from class to class. But there’s some things you may never hear a student say at UNH, such as:

1. “Wow, there was no line at DHop on Saturday night!”

We all know you will never hear this sentence because as the drunk crowd stumbles down Main Street in the late hours of the night, the line will go out the door and around the corner. And you’ve definitely waited in it too.

2. “I didn’t break a sweat walking up the side hill to the library.”

You did break a sweat, you were out of breath and you almost turned back around to head back to your room. That hill is probably the worst thing ever made and it doesn’t even feel like your legs are moving.


3. “I regret eating WildKitty last night.”

If you think for one second that you wish you didn’t eat WildKitty last night, are you even a Wildcat? WildKitty is the best thing ever invented. Ever.

4. “It was just a normal night at Stoke without any police visits.”

You know you will never hear a soul say this around campus. The police might as well have a room on the first floor of Stoke for how much they are there. You also pull yourself together real quick when you see those pretty blue lights… don’t lie.

5. “I walked from the Gables to my class because I felt like it.”

No one in their right mind walks from the Gables any where. You know you check the bus schedule every 5 seconds just so you don’t miss it because there’s no way your little feet are walking that far.

6. “I want to go to HOCO for dinner at 6:30.”

No. Just No. No one will ever say they went to HOCO at 6:30 for dinner, that is prime dinner rush and you’ll be waiting in line for 20 minutes for a cold piece of pizza.


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7. “I think I’ll go to the big hockey rival game 10 minutes before it starts!”

Actually, I made that mistake…

No one should ever say that because you won’t get a seat and then you’ll get kicked out of your seat 5 different times because someone purchased those seats. You’ll never hear me say this again.

8. “Let’s go to the bookstore after the first day of classes!”

The line will be circling around the entire store and you might as well bring some snacks because you will be there all day!

9. “Is today really a great day to be a Wildcat?”


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