The Broke Girl’s Guide To Ordering Cheap Starbucks Coffee

Enter: the Broke Girl's Guide to Ordering Cheap Starbucks Coffee. Keep reading for all of the ballin' on a budget tips and tricks you will ever need!

We all love Starbucks, but our bank accounts don’t. Even though we wish our grande PSLs grew on trees, it looks like we will just have to get creative! Enter: the Broke Girl’s Guide to Ordering Cheap Starbucks Coffee. Keep reading for all of the ballin’ on a budget tips and tricks you will ever need!


You can easily get cheap Starbucks coffee by asking for a refill of hot coffee, iced coffee, hot tea, or iced tea for just 50 cents! The only catch is that is must be during the same visit, but you can get a refill even if your original drink wasn’t a regular coffee or tea.


To get a little more bang for your buck, ask your barista for “no water” when you order your tea. The teas at Starbucks are made from concentrate, which means that what ends up in your cup is watered down. Asking for water will double the strength of your drink!

If you are looking to get extra frugal, bring your own tea bag! Ask for a cup of hot water, and it will only cost you about a 25 cents. If you bring in your own cup? Free!

If you are more of a chai tea latte kind of person, ask for hot chai tea topped off with some hot milk. It will taste just about the same, but with fewer calories and sugar! If you’re missing the frothiness of your regular chai tea latte, asked for a little bit of steamed milk. (It’s free for up to 1 and half inches of milk!)


If you order a double or even a triple espresso over ice, you can ask for it to be put in a grande or venti cup. If you fill the rest up with milk over at the milk and straw bar, you’ll score a latte for under $2!


The real fancy frappuccinos you have been craving a few times a week can add up – those are $4 a piece! Cut some costs by splitting a venti into two tall cups and sharing with a friend. (Or even throwing the second in the freezer, we won’t judge!)

If the sweet flavor is more what you’re looking for, just ask for a few pumps of your favorite flavor over your regular hot or iced coffee. You’ll get all the flavor of your favorite frozen drink, but it will cost a few bucks less.

See Also

Get A Starbucks Card

Getting a Starbucks card is completely free, so there is basically no reason not to sign up for one! Upon signing up, you will get a free drink or food of your choice on your birthday.

After that, you can become a green member by using your card 5 times. This will get you things like free refills and special email promos. From there, you can become a gold member by using your card 30 times in a year. You will have all the perks of being a welcome or green member, PLUS personalized offers and a free drink or food after every 12th purchase.

Reusable Cups

If you bring in your own reusable cup or travel mug, you will save 10 cents on your order!

Do you have a good hack for cheap Starbucks coffee? Let us know in the comments below!
Can't afford starbucks? Us either, this is the broke girls guide to cheap starbucks!
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