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5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To Kent State

5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To Kent State

Kent State is a beautiful school with many reasons to attend. Here are 5 reasons why I picked Kent State above the rest. Kent State college is a blast!

There are many more than 5 reasons that I chose to go to the lovely Kent State, but if I had to narrow it down, these ones would be the most prominent. Here is why I decided to attend Kent State.

1. The campus is absolutely beautiful.

I noticed how incredible it was the second I arrived for my tour two years ago, and now it’s a place I never get tired of seeing. I mean just look at that view from downtown!

2. It felt like home.

I could just tell this was the school for me because I felt immediately comfortable when I visited for the first time. None of the schools I toured after Kent gave me that “home-y” feeling.


3. Good distance from my hometown.

I live about two hours away, which seemed like the perfect distance to me. I knew that if I wanted to go home I could do so with no a problem, while also enjoying the experience of being in a new city.

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4. There is so much to do.

One of my requirements when choosing a school was that there had to be somewhere else to go besides campus itself, and Downtown Kent was that place for me. I loved that it was close but still something different than being in a dining hall or dorm room. I’m a big fan of cities, and Kent is only about an hour away from Cleveland, which is perfect for a short road trip and day out with friends.


5. Possibility of becoming a game-show host.

Obviously this wasn’t a real factor in choosing this school, but the odds seem to be pretty good! Both Drew Carrey and Steve Harvey attended this wonderful university, and they host two of the most popular game shows. If they can do it, why can’t I? 

Kent State University is an absolutely amazing school, and I am so happy with my decision to go here. I’m now in my second year and have never felt more at home; I absolutely love it. It’s a great place full of great people!
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