15 Things You Already Miss About Notre Dame

15 Things You Already Miss About Notre Dame

If you’re a student at Notre Dame, there are so many classic things to do on campus. Whether you’re graduating, or just counting the days until winter break is over, these are the 15 things you already miss about Notre Dame. Whether it’s been just a few weeks or many, many years away from campus, home will always be under the dome.

1. Game Day

Pep rallies, tailgates, push-ups, The Shirt, and candlelight dinners. Nobody does game weekend like the Fighting Irish.


2. ABP, Smashburger, Taco Bell

ABP for breakfast, taco bell for weekends, and Smashburger anytime.


3. Flex Points in general…

It’s like free food that you pay for with tuition…

4. Dining Hall Dinners

You may not miss the struggle of trying to find people at South, but the ritual of texting the group chat “Dinner at 6?” never gets old.


5. Classes

Ok, this one might be a long shot. But there’s only so much Netflix you can watch before you start missing the top-notch academics that makes Notre Dame one of the best schools in the world.


6. Thursday Fever

No explanation necessary.

7. Studying in Hesburgh.

Working with a view.


8. Grotto Trips

AKA the moments when you pray that you pass your midterms.


9. Running around the lakes.

Exercise with the added bonus of beautiful scenery. Just don’t try to pet the geese. Just don’t.


10. SYRs

There will never be a time in your life when it’s acceptable to dress up as a pirate on a non-Halloween night.

11. Dorm Life

To quote a Keenan Revue skit, “It’s like fraternities and sororities, but better.”


12. Dorm Parties

Can you even say you went to Notre Dame if you didn’t spend a Friday night sweating in a dark double dancing with 30 people?

13. Seeing ND Apparel everywhere.

Did you oversleep, miss your 8:20 AM class and need to get to DeBart in 5 minutes? Never fear, the Notre Dame pullover is here.


14. Being with your best friends every day.

Honestly, this should have been at the top of the list because you don’t just love Notre Dame for the food or the scenery; you love it because you love the people. Your people. The people who will eat ramen with you at 3 AM or have a snowball fight with you when studying is just too stressful.

15. The Dome (of course).

A golden reminder that you will always have a home at Notre Dame.


What are some things you already miss about Notre Dame? Share in the comments below!
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