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50 Life Saving Tips For Freshman At Kent State

50 Life Saving Tips For Freshman At Kent State

Move in day is finally here and your freshman year at Kent State has finally started. Here are 50 life saving tips for the best freshman year ever!

Yayyyyyy! Finally, the day has come for move-in day! The day you have been eagerly waiting for. You’ve made countless trips to Target, BedBath&Beyond, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and so many stores to get your room just perfect. The anticipation that you have all summer to start your freshman year at Kent State is like no other feeling. Freshman year is the start of adulthood and you don’t want to miss one second of college life. Here are 50 life saving tips for freshman at Kent State!

1. Don’t over pack

Trust me, you’ll end up wearing the same 4 sweatshirts and 2 pairs of leggings.

Here are 50 life saving tips for freshman at Kent State!


2. Don’t fight with your roommate

I know this one can be tricky, but you both are squeezed into that 11’17 room. MAKE THE MOST OF IT!

3. Use your meal plan to its fullest potential

Kent has so many options for food, it is insane! Stop by Eastway or The Hub to grab something, cause before you know it you’ll have a lot of money left in your meal plan and will buy random things in bulk.

4. Try not to take a class at 7:45 or 8am

I know you woke up for high school early and THINK you can do it, but you cant. And honestly even waking up for an 11am is hard.


Here are 50 life saving tips for freshman at Kent State!

5. Go to class!

You aren’t paying money to sleep, so go to class!  A sick day here and there is ok, but just because you are lazy and don’t wanna get out of bed is no excuse.

6. Get a MacBook

Most majors require Mac’s for just about everything. Spend the money and get a nice computer you know you can rely on.


7. Wait to get books

Don’t buy books ahead of time. Even though it says “Required”, sometimes they aren’t and you won’t even open them. Save yourself the money and wait for the syllabus.

8. Study!

I know this is obvious, but college is very different then high school. Test and quizzes are thrown at you like nothing so be ahead of the game and study a little every night.

Here are 50 life saving tips for freshman at Kent State!


9. Live in a dorm

Kent makes you live in a dorm your freshman year, so this one is obvious. But living in a dorm is the best time of your life. Don’t waste it.

10. Don’t go home every weekend

Again, college is the best time. Don’t waste those moments by going home just to sleep in your own bed. Make the best of every second you have in your dorm!

11. If you are struggling in a class – get a tutor

No one is going to make fun of you for getting extra help. Kent has multiple offices for tutoring and guess what, its free! Use it.


12. Wear shoes in the communal bathroom

Well because you know, people can be gross.

Here are 50 life saving tips for freshman at Kent State!

13. Be kind to your RA

They are there to help you, don’t act like you’re too cool for them cause you aren’t.


14. Be kind to the janitor on your floor

Every hall has a person who cleans up after all of us, so when you see them give them a smile or a hello. They are the ones making sure the floor isn’t disgusting.

15. Sign up for things

Don’t over load yourself obviously, but be sure to check out what interest you during BlastOff.

16. Go Greek

Joining a sorority/fraternity is a great way to meet people and get connections! It also gets you really involved on campus and a great way to help back the community.


Here are 50 life saving tips for freshman at Kent State!

17. Drink coffee

If you don’t like coffee, then obviously you don’t have to drink it, but all I’m saying is that it helps, a lot!

18. Use GoogleCalendar

This helps you keep track of when assignments are due. It is easier than an old fashion calendar because it can send you alerts on your computer.


19. Call your parents

You will call/Facetime your parents more then ever. You miss them and they miss you so give them a quick call to let them know how everything is!

Here are 50 life saving tips for freshman at Kent State!

20. Take walks

Kent’s campus is beyond beautiful. If the weather is nice, go out and take a walk, maybe even set up a hammock and read a book.


21. Be in your room when you are washing clothes

Nothing, and I mean nothing, is more annoying then wanting to do laundry but someone’s stuff is just sitting in there. Don’t leave your room when you are doing laundry.

22. Don’t focus so much on your GPA

Yes GPA does matter, but after college most employers are looking for experience so with that being said, don’t over think what your GPA is.

23. Get experience in your field

Kent has thousands of clubs and on campus involvement you can do with your major. Get to know what you’ll be doing in the real world. It won’t hurt and it looks great on your resume.


24. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Kent is a big campus, so if you are lost don’t be afraid to ask someone.

25. Work out

Working out once or twice a week will really help in the long run! Kent has an amazing rec center that is free for students! Don’t let that one slide under the bus.

Here are 50 life saving tips for freshman at Kent State!


26. Get to know people in your hall

You’ll see these people all school year, so you might as well learn their names and a little bit about them.

27. Get to know your professors

Professors love getting to know their students. If you are struggling in their class, don’t be afraid to ask for some extra help. They want to see everyone succeed.

28.  Make time for yourself

Don’t forget who you are and why you chose Kent.


29. Don’t go out every weekend

Staying in some night with your favorite snack and movie can be even better then going out. Just because some people go out every night, doesn’t mean you have too. Be your own person.

Here are 50 life saving tips for freshman at Kent State!

30. It is ok if you don’t drink

In college it seems like everyone is drinking, but if you don’t (like myself) it is ok. No one is going to judge you for it, and if they do then they aren’t really your friends.


31. Try not to spend a lot of money

With online shopping, spending money can be so easy. But seriously try not to spend. Set yourself a limit each month. This can make spending a lot easier.

32. Download the Starbucks App

With the Starbucks close by, you’ll be spending a couple dollars on coffee so you might as well download the app and get free drinks as you build up your stars!

Here are 50 life saving tips for freshman at Kent State!


33. Find a perfect place to study

Most people suggest not studying in their room, but if that is where you feel comfortable then by all means study there! Everyone is different. If you prefer the library then study there, if you prefer your room then study there. There is no wrong place to study.

34.  It is ok to eat alone

You will find so many people peacefully eating by themselves in the Hub. Sometimes it is even better than being with a group of people.

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35. Don’t smoke or vape on campus

As of July 2017, Kent is a smoke free campus. So if you smoke or vape, do it off campus. If campus police catch you, you could be in for fine.

36. Don’t hook up with just anyone

I know some nights can get wild, but don’t hook up with randoms. Who knows where that person has been.

Here are 50 life saving tips for freshman at Kent State!


37. Don’t focus on high school

Your high school life does not matter in college. No one cares if you were President of the debate team and head cheerleader. Focus on the now and not the past.

38. Befriend upperclassmen

They can be a great resource and if they are in the same major as you, you can even borrow their books!

39. Don’t be afraid to try out

These clubs want you! You might have the talent they are looking for!



This is extremely important! Do not accept a drink you didn’t see being poured yourself! This can be extremely dangerous.

41. Make a Linkedin Account

Here you can start to make connections with students and even professors in your major!

42. Resume

You will need one later in life, so start building it up now.


43. Get a job

If your schedule is crazy, don’t panic about not having a job. But if you are looking to make some extra cash, a part time job wouldn’t hurt.

Here are 50 life saving tips for freshman at Kent State!

44. Don’t procrastinate

I know, this one can be hard (considering myself as a huge procrastinator), but try really hard not to write your 4 page paper at 10pm when its due at 11:59.


45. Find a note taking system that works for you

If hand wiring notes is your thing then go ahead! If you prefer taking notes on the computer, that also works. Do what you feel is better for you.

46. Don’t isolate yourself in your room

Don’t be the hermit on your floor. Go out and enjoy everything college has to offer. Staying in your dorm 24/7 can get very boring.

47. Find the group of friends that accept you for you

These people will see more of you than anyone. Be sure to find that group that you feel at home with.


Here are 50 life saving tips for freshman at Kent State!

48. Take pictures and back them up

You want to cherish every moment! Back them up to a computer so you can look back laugh at moments you completely forgot about.

49. Learn to love yourself

This can be hard for some people, but college is a time to figure out who you are and your purpose.


50. Be yourself

Don’t put on some face just to get people to like you. You want these next four years to be about you! Accept everything about yourself and find others who accept you too!

Here are 50 life saving tips for freshman at Kent State!

Move in day will be a day to remember forever. Don’t let this first year be forgotten. You’ll make so many memories that will last you a life time. Have a great first year at Kent! I hope you love every single second here at the best school around 🙂

Do you have any other life-saving tips for freshman at Kent State!? Share in the comments below!

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