What It Means To Be A Feminist: A Patient Review

As humans, we have a tendency to create our own definitions. These definitions are not always as accurate as we think. Read this patient review that answers what it means to be a feminist.

Brief Background

As a female whose friend circle is dominantly male, I have observed negative reactions when the topic of feminism arises. This can be as subtle as an eye roll. It also comes in the form of impatient comments like “I don’t want to listen to this right now.”

At first, my instincts are similar. I clench my teeth and think “oh boy.” This is because feminists have a tendency to project their beliefs loudly. However, it wasn’t until the UN conference released Emma Watson’s speech on feminism that I learned feminists not only to need to be loud to get their point across, but they need to be louder. Unfortunately, there are many who cannot identify what it means to be a feminist.

This is what it means to be a feminist


Many assume that feminism is focused primarily on women’s rights. This judgement stems from my own personal experience. While that is partially true, it is also partially false. In fact, feminism is the advocacy for gender equality.

This is what it means to be a feminist

This means not just fighting for women to have equal rights to men, but for men to have equal rights to women as well. Furthermore, for transgenders to have equal rights to cisgenders.

You may be a feminist and not even realize it

Everyday feminism movements we read about include the #MeToo movement, equal pay for women, etc. While these are significant issues I believe current non-feminists should take a second thought to reconsider, there are other simple feminist ideas that one may not have thought of before.

For example, men typically are hesitant to cry because of the preconceived notion that it makes them look weak or less of man. However, a woman cries and it’s a brush off the shoulder. Feminism advocates to empower men to express their emotions equally as women do.

This is what it means to be a feminist

Do Not Misunderstand Me

I recognize and advocate to repair the holes in society where women are at a severe disadvantage to men. We live in a man’s world. This exists in terms of the division of domestic labor, the media, social inequality, and violence. However, I don’t need to convince feminists to become feminists. My message is geared to those who don’t yet consider themselves a feminist.

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