10 Signs You’re a Social Justice Warrior And Proud

Social Justice Warriors are standing up for the equality of all people, all over the world. These are 10 signs you're a social justice warrior!

Given the current political climate, it’s often difficult to speak out about your beliefs, especially if you’re a student or not eligible to vote just yet. In fact, over the past year, we’ve seen people of all opinions silenced and attacked for being outspoken. Even the term “Social Justice Warrior” is now given out as an insult. But fear not! Students all over the country are taking back the meaning of the term “Social Justice Warrior” and they’re proud to be standing up for what they believe in. Here are 20 signs that you’re one of them!

10 signs you're a social justice warrior!

1. You Stay Informed

Reading the news is important, whether it be online or the paper, and you stay on top of not only the crazy things happening in Washington, but those happening close to you and even across the world. You could rattle off headlines and newsworthy information within minutes, and people you know often ask you to clarify things they aren’t updated on.


2. You Back Yourself Up With Sources

Your opinions don’t just come from Facebook or Twitter, though you often share your beliefs on social media. Still, you’re beliefs are backed up with strong sources (award winning journals and established news platforms) and you can prove your ideas with hard facts.

3. You’ve Been To A Protest

What better way to show your solidarity with a cause than to stand with hundreds of other people who believe in exactly the same thing? Whether you went to a protest, such as for Black Lives Matter or Planned Parenthood, or a march, such as the Women’s March or a Pride March, props to you for standing up for your beliefs, literally.

10 signs you're a social justice warrior!


4. Your Friends Look To You When They Don’t Understand Politics

Politics is confusing, we get it. But, since you’re generally well-informed, your friends take advantage of your knowledge to ask you questions about the news, and you love the opportunity to educate.

5. You’re Strongly Opinionated And Not Afraid To Show It

Whether you get into heated debates about controversial issues or you sign petitions and march with other SJW’s, you find ways to express your beliefs however you can.

6. You believe In Equal Rights

Regardless of gender, race, or sexual identity. You’re a feminist and an ally to marginalized groups across the board.


10 signs you're a social justice warrior!

7. You’re Constitutionally Educated

You know your amendments, understand the separation of powers, and can get deep into Supreme Court Case history to show precedent for current issues.

8. You Care About The Problems Of Other People

Simply put, if the lives and problems of other individuals matter to you, and you’re willing to fight for positive change, you’re a social justice warrior. There’s almost nothing more to it.

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10 signs you're a social justice warrior!

9. Your Twitter Account Is Just Retweets Of Political Figures You Support

You’re vocal about your beliefs and you know social media is a way you can reach a greater mass of people. So,  you share what you believe in that is supported by prominent figures in politics who believe the same thing and can help make a bigger difference.


10. You Can Tell Fake News From Real News

You know that every Facebook conspiracy theory your friend’s grandmother shares online isn’t true. The Sandy Hook shooting was not a hoax, though famous conspiracy theorists may strongly vouch that it was. You know 3 million undocumented immigrants didn’t vote during the general election in California. You stick with the facts: climate change is real, and it’s a problem. Fact-checking is a skill and you find reliable sources to shut down any piece of fabricated “news.”

10 signs you're a social justice warrior!

Congratulations, Social Justice Warrior. You care about the earth and its peoples, and you’re willing to help in all the ways you can.

Do you have any other signs that you’re a Social Justice Warrior!? Share in the comments below!

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