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20 Signs You’re Definitely A Feminist

20 Signs You’re Definitely A Feminist

Feminism has always been a major part of our society, and even more so recently. These are a few of the signs that your're a true feminist.

Feminists have always been a major part of our society, and even more so recently. You’re reading this because either you know you’re a wild feminist, or you think you might be one without even realizing it. So keep on reading to learn all about the 20 signs you’re definitely a feminist.

1. You love the new Wonder Woman movie.

It’s literally everything to you. It was directed by a woman, and you can tell. Women realistically portrayed as badass warriors? That is your shit.

2. You believe in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes.

Is this just the definition of feminism? Yes. Does it still need to be included because people get confused? Absolutely.

3. You want access to reproductive healthcare.

From condoms to birth control to abortions, you think women should be in charge of our own bodies. Like adults. Cause women get to be full-grown responsible adults too.

4. You get annoyed by the term “feminazi”.

Wanting gender equality is not the same as wanting racial superiority. Really? It’s like the exact opposite thing.

5. You don’t like slut-shaming.

What she wears and does is no one’s business but her own.  Criticizing women for the same things men would be applauded for is a double standard.

6. When you look at who’s in power, you get annoyed.

Only 105 out of 535 members of Congress are women. Only 21 out of 100 members of the Senate are women. And only 84 out of 435 members of the House of Representatives are women. Where is our equal representation y’all?

7. You refuse to “act like a lady”.

You sit however you want. You’ve realized it is no longer the 1800’s, so you don’t need to follow social rules from the 1800’s.

8. You are completely unashamed about taking selfies and loving yourself.

The patriarchy and rich old white men profit from girls not valuing themselves; you realize this and your own worth. You were made beautiful, and you aren’t ashamed about it.

9. Your favorite throwback film is Thelma and Louise.

Two gal pals being badasses and destroying the patriarchy? Sounds like the perfect Friday night.

10. You grew up on Destiny’s Child

What 90’s/early 2000’s kid didn’t love these strong women? They were confident, sassy, and empowered. Perfect role models, with great music.

11. You’ve caught yourself audibly sighing at *males* & *the patriarchy*.

Almost every girl has found herself fed up to the point of exhaustion with sexism in our everyday lives. From being told to cover your shoulders by the hall monitor to only boys being called on in class, it can be enough to drive anyone mad.

12. You got fed up with high school dress codes.

Prioritizing male students’ education over females’ by pulling female students out of class out of fear that an uncovered collarbone might distract a boy more than his phone sends a shitty message to students. Also, male teachers sexualizing 14-year-old girls is creepy.

13. Hermione Granger is your favorite character in Harry Potter.

Real talk: Harry & Ron would not have survived without her. She was smart, fierce, and feminine, and one of our only dimensional female role models in the fictional world.

14. The wage gap gave you unexplainable anger.

We have made progress, but wages still aren’t completely equal for equal work along gender and racial lines.

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15. You think everyone should be a feminist.

It’s a wild idea, right? Wanting everyone to be equal? Totally.

16. You aren’t ashamed of your body hair.

It isn’t a national secret that women grow hair on their legs, armpits, arms, hands, feet, faces, and everywhere else men grow hair, so why treat it like one??

17. You think men should be held responsible for their actions.

If “Girls will be girls” isn’t a valid excuse, then “Boy will be boys” shouldn’t be one. Men have just as much control over their words and actions as women do, so they should be held equally accountable for them.

18. You realize men are as equally qualified as women to be stay-at-home parents.

What makes a good parent? The ability to raise a child with love and support, not the ability to create one.

19. You want girls and boys to learn basic life skills.

A woman isn’t going to magically appear when you’re hungry, and a man isn’t going to pop out of thin air when your car breaks. Everyone should learn how to take care of themselves, regardless of gender.

20. You love Supreme Court Justice: Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Do you have a Notorious RBG coloring book? Cause you should. She has broken down barriers and changed lives in the Supreme Court. She’s 84 and still kicks ass in the court room. Respect.

These are 20 signs that you are a feminist. Share your thoughts in the comments below!
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