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10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Can’t Anymore At FGCU

10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Can’t Anymore At FGCU

Let's face it, college is STRESSFUL! From one crybaby to another, here's a couple of really good (and occasionally hilarious) places to bawl at FGCU.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter whether it’s the beginning of the year or the end; let’s face it, college is so, so, so STRESSFUL! And even though we’re all legally “adults”, sometimes a good old-fashioned cry is in order to get through the week. So from one crybaby to another, here are a few really good (and occasionally hilarious) places to bawl at FGCU.

1. The Library

A classic crying place for the ages. A college library is the perfect place for a lot of stuff: studying, lunch breaks, hookups…and of course a good ol’ fashioned wah wah session. Just try not to get your sea water on the books kay?

2. The Dorm showers

Another classic crying place. This one is good if you defiantly need a good long cry and don’t want anyone to catch you in the act. Just make sure not to stay in there too long, it’s not just your bathroom.


3. At a CAPS appointment

Now idk about y’all but I never wear makeup to my CAPS appointments because I KNOW I’m gonna bawl like a 2-year-old, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. It’s honestly the best place to get the feels out, everything is super comforting and you can honestly trust the people you are talking to. Maybe I’m being a little bit biased here, but it’a honestly one of the best things a student’s tuition is spent on. Take my word, and the word of many others, you need to cry? CAPS is there!

4. During your professor’s office hours

Get your crocodile tears ready, here comes strategic crying!


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5. In your Chick-fil-a sandwich

Just needs salt! Time to fill up that empty pit inside you with a billion tasty delights. Some days I feel like a selfish Oprah: “I get a sandwich, and I get a sandwich, and I get a sandwich!”

6. In the laundry room

7. Starbucks!!

8. On the roof of the SOVI parking garage

9. Next to your bestie

Does it matter if she’s on a date? In the middle of work? Whether its on her wedding day or her grandmother’s funeral, a bestie is a bestie, and she’s probably the best place to go when you’re feeling down. Remember it’s not about where you live, a home is with the people you love.


10. If you’re ever dying to cry it out there’s always a place to go at your local college, ask any science or engineering major for their recommendation.

What are your best places to cry when you just can’t anymore at FGCU? Let us know down below!
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