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Challenges of Being a College Feminist

Challenges of Being a College Feminist

Feminism. The “shh, don’t let them hear you,” the “ugh, not everything is a feminist issue,” a righteous movement that has been turned upside down on college campuses. I am going to share a few obstacles you may face while being a college feminist on your campus.

As a young woman, I know I am an individual who shouldn’t be treated less than my counterparts, and what’s so wrong with that? I am the type of individual that isn’t too keen on the idea of placing limitations on my life based on my gender and identity.



Feminist  Man-hater

Many college feminist, if not the majority, are accused of being self-serving man-haters. As ridiculous as this may sound, this is the response you will often face. People, who accuse feminist of hating men, should widen their mind and expand their thought process.

Double Standards

Let’s get into “bro culture”. Many ladies on campus will and have had an experience where their actions were compared to a guy’s actions, and it was seen as less favorable. I’m talking double standards. Let me give you an example of these double standards that you’ll often hear throughout campus.


On campus

You will hear guys talking about their times with girls, and then their friends will give them a high five, dab, or whatever “bro’s” do to congratulate them for hooking up with many girls. Now if we flip the script, women will be shamed for acting the same way and will be given the title of a “slut.” And then when women call out this contradiction we are seen as man-haters.

In the classroom

It doesn’t stop there, it happens inside the classroom too.  I can’t count the number of grunts that arise in a room when the topic of conversation drifts toward a subject linked to feminism. You may notice a time when many professors in academia seem to favor their male students a bit more. It happens, especially when your opinions are different from their own, on subjects that are not even related to feminism.

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Sexual Assault Ignorance

A major issue plaguing campuses for the past few years have been sexual assault and abuse of female students. A vast majority of colleges mishandle the issues that arise due to sexual assault cases. Most universities sweep these claims under the rug and seemingly make them disappear, norm of which is being protested across the nation. I have encountered a few peers who have felt completely ignored and unprotected by our campuses when reporting these issues. There is a real fear in many college feminist communities that exist because of this, a fear that needs to be addressed.



While these are only a few issues, we should be aware of the challenges of being a college feminist. Instead of hiding beneath the inequality, I encourage you to join clubs and organizations on your campus. You will find that you are not alone and have found a place to express your views and opinions and befriend people who have similar interests as you. Also, you will be able to educate your peers and bring about a change on your campus.

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