What Its Like Getting Your First Bikini Wax

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We’ve all heard the stories about bikini waxes– mainly how painful getting one could feel. The fact that hot wax is being poured onto your most intimate areas sounds painful. However, a bikini wax is not as bad as it sounds. This is especially true if you know what to expect. Here is a breakdown of what it’s like getting your first bikini wax. Be mindful of the fact that everyone is different and that experiences may vary, but here is the general idea.

1.Your first time will be awkward.

This is to be expected, but trust us no one is judging you. While it might feel awkward to expose your bottom half to a complete stranger, remember that the aesthetician  is a professional. There is nothing that they haven’t seen or dealt with. While they might have you in some crazy positions to get the hair off, this is all part of the process. Chances are they know you are a little nervous since it is your first bikini wax, so they might engage you in small talk to make you feel more comfortable.

2.Don’t worry about how hairy you are down there.

Beauty therapists can work around any length hair. It is better to have overgrown hair than short hair. It will be a less painful experience for you and it might be an easier job for them. The general rule is that hair should be ¼ -inch long for the best results. This allows the wax to pull the hair out from the root. It sounds painful, but the growth might actually be to your benefit.

3.Make sure the timing is right for your appointment.

Try not to book your appointment a week before your period as your body is especially sensitive. It might be more painful during this time. Specialist advice to avoid booking an appointment immediately after your period as well and of course during would be a bad idea. Find a date that is a happy medium and book it then. Your body will thank you for it.

4.Advil helps.

If you are known to be sensitive to pain or happen to book an appointment close to your period, taking an Advil an hour to a half hour before your appointment might help dull the pain. If it is your first time getting a bikini wax and you are unsure about taking medication, you might want to ask the aesthetician before you come in to your appointment what they advice you do.

5.There are different “styles” you can get.

The world of bikini waxing is more than stripping hair from your body. You can decide how much or how little hair is stripped away, what shape said hair should be, or if you want there to be any hair at all. From the landing strip to the triangle to a full on Brazilian, you can decide what your “look” will be. If you have questions, ask you aesthetician and they will be happy to help especially if you are a first timer.

6.Intimate contact might be necessary.

Depending on the nature of the wax you are getting, the beautician might have to touch you to make sure the skin is ready for the wax. While this might be uncomfortable, remember they are just doing their job. However, if you feel uncomfortable, just be vocal about it and they are sure to comply. There are other waxes that don’t even require that you take your underwear off, so just choose what makes you comfortable.

7.Don’t be alarmed if you are red for a bit.

This is completely normal. After the wax is done, the aesthetician will provide you with coconut oil or other soothing cream to help with the redness. You are done. Scheduling a session every 4-5 weeks will insure that you lower half is always looking fresh.

What was your first waxing experience like? Comment below!
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