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What Women Who Love Makeup Are Tired of Hearing

What Women Who Love Makeup Are Tired of Hearing

The day I turned 16 was a special one- not for the stereotypical “Sweet 16” nonsense, but for the fact that I was finally allowed to wear makeup.  Oh how I loved my mascara and blush! My eyelash curler, red lip gloss, and copper eye shadow were favorites, too.I was proud of my makeup, since I viewed it as a way to express myself. Although, looking back at high school photos, I now realize my tastes have definitely changed…Not everyone agreed with my love for makeup, though, and of course, they let me know it…Here’s what women who love makeup are sooo tired of hearing!

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“You’re hiding your natural beauty.”

False. I’m accentuating the features I like about myself.

For instance, I love my eyes (they’re very similar to my great grandmother’s eyes). Thus, I love makeup that draws attention to them.  I’m not hiding under a layer or two of mascara; I’m not cowering behind a blend of blues and greens. I’m simply showing off a feature I love about my body.

“It’s not very modest.”

Ha. That’s funny.

Well, I’m sorry my *on point* cat eyes offend you.


“It will give boys the wrong idea.”

Maybe boys should learn…

That how I (or any other woman, for that matter) choose to dress, wear my hair, and do my makeup is neither a signal nor an invitation for them to make a pass at me. *Drops mic*


“It’s what’s inside that counts.”

Of course it does, but wearing makeup doesn’t really have much of a connection with that.

Putting products on my face does not define my self-worth. It is just something I like to use that boosts my confidence and starts my day in a positive way.  I would consider it more of a hobby than a part of my identity.

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Makeup is, and always has been, a way for me to express how I’m feeling that day, as well as a way to make me feel polished, clean, and put together.

I feel like I’m dong pretty well with life when my eye lashes are nicely curled, and I feel like a boss when I’m rocking a red lip. As the years have passed since I was sixteen, I have noticed that I turn to makeup less and less for my daily routine, but that doesn’t mean that I no longer like it.


The main takeaway?

I’m not insecure about my self-image because I love makeup.

Au contraire, I wear makeup because I love the way it makes me feel- ready to take on the world.

 What are your thoughts on wearing makeup?  Comment below with your thoughts and share this article with friends!
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