10 College Drinks All Freshmen Will Recognize

We all know those cocktails that scream college drinks. Read this article that lists the 10 drinks all freshman will recognize.

We’ve all been a freshman at college before. If you haven’t been one before, chances are you’re one now. That means at one point or another, we all had a go-to drink when the weekend finally rolled around, and it was time to hit fratville or the Vine neighborhood for a house party. I remember chugging only cheap wine and whipped cream flavored vodka for a semester. Every one of us started somewhere. Here are 10 college drinks all freshman will recognize.

1. Barefoot Pink Moscato

Whether you’re a guy or gal, Barefoot’s Pink Moscato is the go-to freshman wine. Tasting like grape juice and a good time, pink moscato is sweet enough that you can mask your “noobiness” to alcohol and still get plastered enough from half a bottle to have a great time. It’s also perfect for discovering your limits and not being scarred by just the smell after you heave it all up on the Drive-Safe Kalamazoo ride home.

These college drinks all freshman will recognize

2. A 30-rack of PBR

Ah yes, the least expensive and tastiest of cheap beers. Pabst Blue Ribbon is something you can find in every college dorm room or household at some point. If you haven’t tried it, you will, and if you have, you either loved or hated it. Personally I’ve never hated the taste, but be warned that no matter if your a freshman or a grad student, you will be judged when you walk out with a red white and blue box of hangovers in a can.

These college drinks all freshman will recognize

3. A Den Pop with Burnasty

Specifically lemon, but some freshman like to be unique and try other flavors, strawberry and green apple come to mind. Mix this with lemonade or sprite, or both, and you’re set for the night. If the cops come, you just got a den pop! No MIP’s tonight.

These college drinks all freshman will recognize

4. Four Lokos

When my cousin started his freshman year of college, the first Saturday night I got a snap of a backpack full of these demons in a can. I’m a wee thing, so a solid three sips of this and I’m “done-zo”. About the size and price of a can of AriZona, if you make it through one of these in a night, you probably won’t remember how you got home or how you woke up with your shirt on backwards with one arm out of the sleeve. Be warned, this concoction was banned for it’s old recipe, but it’s back with legal amounts of alcohol by volume, and it’s ready to ruin your liver.

These college drinks all freshman will recognize

5. Fireball and Coca-Cola

The “newbie” rendition of Jack and Coke. If you’re like me and made it through freshman year without ever trying this, kudos to you. I saw many 2-liter coke bottles at parties, and after about 5 people telling me there was fireball in it, I stopped asking and just knew. These college drinks burn. Don’t wear a jacket.

These college drinks all freshman will recognize

6. A handle of 5 O’Clock

Or Kamchatka, depending on where you go. The cheapest vodka you can get, some people say it has an aftertaste of butter or oil. No matter what you mix it with, be it Red Bull, cranberry juice, or gatorade, you’ll know if you’ve found a freshman.

These college drinks all freshman will recognize

7.  UV Blue

The best tasting straight vodka you’ll find. UV blue raspberry vodka is easy to carry, and one of the easiest college drinks to drink. Who needs a chaser when you’re drinking candy? Not your college student bank account.

These college drinks all freshman will recognize

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8. Natty Light

Looking for that buzz but not really into the taste of beer yet? Look no further than Natural Light beer. Tastes like water and has a higher content than your Miller, bring a Natty to a frat party and escape the ratio rule, they’ll think you live there!

These college drinks all freshman will recognize

9.  Malibu

Freshman love their Caribbean coconut rum. With a name like Malibu, it’s sure to bring a hot night. Malibu goes well with just about any mixer. At 30% ABV, you can take shots all night and never break the seal.

These college drinks all freshman will recognize

10. Tequila Silver

If you’re anything like I was my first year of college, you heard horror stories of drinking too much, making huge mistakes or blacking out. All of the regretful stories I heard began with “oh man let me tell you about the night I drank tequila.” For a freshman ready to get lit, tequila is one of the quickest college drinks to have a night you’ll never remember.

These college drinks all freshman will recognize

Go forth my freshman and party responsibility!

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