The Best Britain’s Got Talent Acts And Where They Are Now

With the start of Britain’s Got Talent Champion’s and similar competitions having happened in America and Asia where our countries competed, I thought it was needed for us to answer the question: where are they now?

Did the £250,000 prize money or the spotlight get them much further in pursuing their dream?

So I’ve researched the top 20 acts from Britain’s Got Talent and found out. See if you’re shocked or impressed by any of their achievements.  


1. Paul Potts

The first winner of Britain’s Got Talent, Paul Potts set the standard for the upcoming years. He had a very cute back story, a guy that worked at Carphone Warehouse finding fame on the show but his name hasn’t been heard of much since 2007, apart from on Britain’s Got Talent itself.

Potts recorded an album, One Chance, which topped sales charts in 13 countries and has been performing in shows since his big win. And in the Champions of America’s of Talent, Potts reached the finals once again. But in Britain’s Got Talent Champions, he didn’t even make it past the first week. Apparently his talent isn’t as impressive to the British public anymore. 

The Best Britain’s Got Talent Acts And Where They Are Now


2. George Sampson

The second winner of Britain’s Got Talent, Sampson has managed to keep his name more relevant in the world by being cast in shows such as Waterloo Road where he was a troubled teen. He has also managed to showcase his talent as a dancer in the films Street Dance 2 and Street Dance 3D. 

His acting ability has been put into practice more than his dancing it would seem, but it will never change the fact that his final performance of Dancing in the Rain impressed millions and won the hearts of us all.

The Best Britain’s Got Talent Acts And Where They Are Now


3. Diversity

The biggest name to come out of Britain’s Got Talent I would say because they have had the most success, and beat Susan Boyle in the 2009 show. 

Diversity has toured since performing to millions their amazing and different dance moves that incorporate large group movements and explosive moves that have the whole crowd amazed.  They not only dance as a group on the big stage, they also have a training academy that teach younger dancers valuable skills.

A prodigy group even performed on Britain’s Got Talent in their name, however they were not as successful as the original.

Diversity has done more than just danced, the leader, Ashley banjo has become a judge on Dancing on Ice as well as on Got To Dance. While the young star of the group, Perri Kiely has won another show, Splash! as well as being awarded Star Baker on The Great Stand Up To Cancer Bake Off. The most impressive achievement I would say. He has also appeared on Celebs Go Dating where he tried to find love, which was a fun way of seeing the famous afro man. 

The Best Britain’s Got Talent Acts And Where They Are Now

4. Spellbound

Spellbound carried on the dancing theme of the past few years by winning as a great gymnastic team. they performed amazing lifts and stunts that keep the audience on edge. However, the group has not had the fame of those past dancing acts and so their is little for me to write about.

But by far a great achievement is that they have performed at the Olympics twice, and several members have achieved gold medals in gymnastic championships. This is a group that doesn’t chase the spotlight but have definitely achieved a lot in their gymnastic field since. 

The Best Britain’s Got Talent Acts And Where They Are Now

5. Jai McDowall

Another act that flopped after they won Britain’s Got Talent, is Jai McDowall. His debut song only reached 54 in the charts and he was subsequently dropped by Simon Cowell’s record label afterwards. He has since been struggling to get his career off the ground, but is trying his hand in the musical theatre scene so we wish him the best of luck.

The Best Britain’s Got Talent Acts And Where They Are Now

6. Ashley and Pudsey/Sully 

Ashley and Pudsey were a nation favourite act because any dog act will be a nation’s favourite. Pusey found great success after the final, even having a movie dedicated to his life which starred David Walliams voicing him and Amanda Holden. 

Unfortunately, Pudsey died in 2017, a heartbreaking loss. But Ashley has carried on performing with Sully, Pudsey’s brother, who is also well trained in performing. But it won’t ever be the original Ashley and Pudsey, which I think was reflected in their performance in the Champions where the nation didn’t back the dog and woman act as much as before. 

The Best Britain’s Got Talent Acts And Where They Are Now

7. Attraction

A performance of shadows wowed the nation when this group from Hungary took to the stage. They moved us with shows of love, death and heartbreak winning the seventh series.

They have toured the world with their act since they won, but in all fairness we haven’t seen much of the act since. They performed at the New Year’s Gala in China where they created shadows of the Great Wall of China, Temple of Heaven and the giant panda.

They have also found fame by performing in the adverts for Swinton Insurance, a UK insurance broker, their ad can be found on Youtube. 

The Best Britain’s Got Talent Acts And Where They Are Now

8. Collabro

Collabro is a popular musical theatre boyband, a niche market, but one that they are dominating. They have toured across America, Canada and Japan and released a few albums, one of which reached number one in the charts. 

The group lost a member, Richard Hadfield, in 2016 because he is pursuing a solo career following a more Sinatra, swing genre. And he has been doing very well, check out his live performances on Youtube to see what he’s like.

The Best Britain’s Got Talent Acts And Where They Are Now

9. Jules O’Dwyer and Matisse

The second dog act to win Britain’s Got Talent, but as cute as Matisse is, the support for her wasn’t as great as Pudsey, and there has been little heard of the act since. 

This could be due to the fact that the public felt outraged that the dog act was not just Matisse, there was another similar looking dog that filled in for Matisse who was afraid of heights and couldn’t perform a certain segment of the routine. The public felt this was cheating and that they had been conned. What do you think? Isn’t two dogs better than one?

The Best Britain’s Got Talent Acts And Where They Are Now

10. Richard Jones

The first magician to win Britain’s Got Talent after many had tried in previous series.

He was a great magician, and he was loved more because he is also a soldier giving his act a certain elegance. After his performance at the Royal Variety he started to tour with his show, Power of Imagination in 2017. He has also done performances at Butlins in 2018.

But his most impressive achievement is his appearance on The Chase in 2016, where his team managed to take home £4000 each. 

The Best Britain’s Got Talent Acts And Where They Are Now

11. Tokio Myers

Tokio Myers is my favourite act to have performed on Britain’s Got Talent, his first audition hit my heart and I have been obsessed with his performance ever since.

Myers takes the piano and classical pieces of music and mixes them with a style of RnB music, in his first audition it was Debussy’s Claire De Lune mixed with Ed Sheeran’s Bloodstream and it’s the best thing to ever grace my ears. 

Since his win he has become an internet sensation and had a successful album release. His songs can be found on Youtube and Spotify and are a great tool to use alongside studying or just relaxing to. 

The Best Britain’s Got Talent Acts And Where They Are Now

12. Lost Voice Guy

A breath of fresh air to Britain’s Got Talent, the Lost Voice Guy was the first to win with a comedy act. Lee Ridley is also the first person to have used an aid to speak for him in his act, but that didn’t stop him winning the entire competition. 

He has been doing a lot since his win, creating a very handy website to see what he’s been up to. He has been performing all over the country, with many tour dates still to come if you want tickets. He has also been lined up to appear on Live At The Apollo, which we know is a great platform for comedians. 

Lee Ridley is doing great and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any time soon. 

The Best Britain’s Got Talent Acts And Where They Are Now

13. Calum Scott 

I know Calum Scott didn’t win but I thought he was worth mentioning just for the sheer amount of success he has seen since he has appeared on Britain’s Got Talent. 

His audition is one of the most popular to watch because his sister performed to the judges first where she was rejected, when Calum went on stage afterwards he wowed everyone by how amazing his voice is. His audition was so good that his cover of the song has become more popular than the original song, having over 369 million views over Robyn’s 51 million. 

Since his appearance on Britain’s Got Talent, Scott has released many more songs, another popular one being You Are The Reason. His voice is beautiful and you can lose yourself in it for hours, his career is only just beginning I’m sure. 

The Best Britain’s Got Talent Acts And Where They Are Now

So there are your Britain’s Got Talent winners and where they are now, for most their careers have flourished. Maybe not in the spotlight of fame but they have done well in their respective fields, and we wish them all the luck in their future endeavours. 

Comment below who your favourite Britain’s Got Talent act was, perhaps your best isn’t a winner and could be some of the runner ups. 

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