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The Best Party Video Games To Play With Your Friends

The Best Party Video Games To Play With Your Friends

Here are some of the best party video games to try out with your friends! These can be played solo or with a group for an all around fun time.

We all love a good party video game – it’s a great way to entertain your friends and have an unforgettable time. The competitive nature of most multiplayer video games tends to bring out the best (or should I say, the worst) in people, which makes it all the more fun. It’s also great if you’ve already had a few drinks and are starting to feel merry. With so many fantastic games out there, it can be hard to determine which one is right for your and your mates. Here’s a list of the best party video games that you should definitely play with your friends:

1. Mario Kart

This game inevitably makes it onto the list because it’s just so much fun. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, Mario Kart is a multiplayer go-kart-style racing video game that’s great both online and offline. With a wide variety of characters that represent the entirety of the Nintendo universe, you’ll definitely be able to find some of your favourite heroes (and villains) on there. This game has been known to ruin many a friendship, so make sure that you’re prepared beforehand.

2. Mario Party

Who would’ve guessed – another Nintendo game. Also notorious for bringing out some of people’s best qualities, this fun party game is definitely one that you should play with your friends. Just be warned that it can be quite rage-inducing, depending on how things turn out. Your objective is to beat your opponents in a board game that is interspersed with exciting mini challenges. You win if you collect the most stars by buying them for coins that you receive for beating the mini games.


3. Gang Beasts

This game can get quite hysterical because it’s absolutely ridiculous. You play as a cartoony wrestling character and your objective is to throw your opponents off the map. There are tons of fun and interactive levels for you to choose from, so you won’t run out of ways to kill your friends. The hilarious aesthetic combined with the funny sounds that the characters produce makes this one of the best party games to play at home. It’s probably one of my favourite beat ’em up games to enjoy with my mates.

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4. Super Smash Bros

Yet another Nintendo game? Surely this is a testament to their incredible ability to produce entertaining multiplayer games. This fighting game allows for up 8 players at once, which leads to terribly chaotic but incredibly fun battles. The good thing about Super Smash Bros is that it’s the kind of game that anyone can jump into and still have a chance. It’s great for both gaming veterans and newcomers, making it the perfect party game for a large group of people. Just be sure to prevent a real fight from breaking out because this game (like the other Nintendo ones) can easily result in a rage quit.


5. Wii Sports

Can a sports game really be fun, you may ask? Trust me – Wii Sports is definitely one of the best games to play with your friends. Despite it’s slightly goofy feel, this game is terribly addictive and will keep you up for hours as you challenge your mates in all different kinds of sports. The game includes golf, tennis, baseball, boxing, and bowling, the latter of which is clearly the most popular one. There are so many fun videos online of people getting way into it and throwing their controllers at the screen as they attempt to deliver the perfect bowl. Don’t worry, your TV will be fine, as long as you convince your friends to wear the safety strap.

Have you ever played any of these party video games? What is the best party video games you’ve played with friends? Let us know below!

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