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8 Festivals To Attend If You’re Not Over Festival Season

8 Festivals To Attend If You’re Not Over Festival Season

These festivals are some of the best ones you can attend this fall if you aren't over the summer festival season! You'll be sure to have fun!

Festival season is pretty much over, which means many of us out there will be well into the post festival depression phase. Don’t fret though, just because it’s not summer, doesn’t mean that all festivals are over full stop. Actually, there’s still some brilliant festivals to attend before it gets to cold to venture outside. Here are 8 festivals to attend if you’re not quite over the festival season yet.

1. Samhuinn Fire Festival, Edinburgh (31st October)

If you’re a bit of a halloween buff then this one is for you. Samhuinn Fire Festival in the Old Town of Edinburgh is a great one to attend if you’re still trying to hang on to that festival feeling. In amongst performers, music and a grand procession is a fantastic night of festivities celebrating the beginning of Winter (Celtic New Year). What with Edinburghs ghostly goings on and historic tradition, it’s no wonder that such an amazing festival exists here. And did I mention it’s free? Prepare to be amazed and terrified all at once when you attend this incredible Halloween festival.

8 Festivals To Attend If You're Not Over Festival Season

2. Equinox Festival, Wyham (21st-24th September)

If you still want a bit of a music scene then you have to go to Equinox Festival. It’s a full weekend just like the ones attended over the summer, but now it’s acceptable to wear slightly warmer clothing. There are two dance tents for the eccentric people out there and if you fancy a bit more of a chill well you’ll find healing areas just for that and the perfect form of entertainment for the little’uns – that’s right you can bring the kids – in the form of Earthbound Misfits, an amazing circus act. If you’ve got that festival bug, Equinox was made for you.

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3. The Wine, Cheese and Chocolate Festival, Oxford (November 24th)

Lets be honest, you read wine, cheese and chocolate and booked your tickets straight away. It is basically a whole day dedicated to the best food and drink ever invented but with the added benefits of being able to sample all the best wine, cheese and chocolate available and grab a bit of history and culture on the side. It’s a foodies dream festival, so get your tickets to this one before they go!

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4. Snow Globe Festival, South Lake Tahoe California (29th-31st December)

Okay, so it’s a little out of the way but that shouldn’t stop an festivaler wanting to spend a great New Years Eve in California. According to South Lake Tahoe residents, the city has the best snowy conditions in the California region, so naturally it’s the best place to throw a 3-day New Years musical extravaganza. With great music mixed in with a great setting, this festival is a must if your still trying to hang on to that festival feeling.

8 Festivals To Attend If You're Not Over Festival Season

5. La Mercé Feste, Barcelona (22nd-25th September)

If you fancy something a little warmer the Catalonia region of Spain hosts a fantastic festival that spans music, parades and fireworks over 3 days! Dedicated to the cities patron saint, the festival has over 600 events to gander at and some gorgeous Spanish food to try amongst all the festivities going on. And if that’s not enough to get you buying a ticket, there’s a dragon exhibition. Got that festival feeling? Then head to La Mercé Feste.

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6. Paris Nuit Blanche, Paris (6th-7th October)

For the art lovers out there, Paris holds a wonderful festival called White Night in which venues (including swimming pools) all over the city and host art installations free of charge for all the public to view. This is a night dedicated to art starting at 7pm and lasting a full 12 hours until it’s end at 7am. A little more quiet and a little less hectic, this is a festival for those who still want the buzz without the tent.

7. Chinese Mid Autumn Festival, China (22nd-24th September)

This festival is a long way to go but definitely worth it and you won’t even need a ticket. In celebration of the moon and it’s agricultural properties, the festival goes a long way in tradition and is celebrated every year on the 15th day of the 8th month (Chinese Lunar Calendar). On the mainland, every is given one day off within the 3 days to celebrate with family and friends. It’s not always an out in the street festival, but worth witnessing for culture purposes. You’ll find some great food and experience a wonderful tradition, so don’t miss out on this festival.

8 Festivals To Attend If You're Not Over Festival Season

8. Hogmanay, Edinburgh (31st December)

Yes Edinburgh is on the list twice, but it really is the best place to hold a festival and probably the best New Years Eve Festival to attend. It attracts a great gathering of people from all over the world and with the amazing street parties, fireworks and The Torchlight Procession who wouldn’t want to be in Edinburgh when the ball drops? If you want to end the year right, then the best festival to attend is Hogmanay.

Have you been to any of these festivals? What are your favourite festivals? Tell us in the comments below.
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