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Don't let yourself make the common study abroad mistakes. These are 10 brutally honest tips that all study abroad students need to hear.

10 Brutally Honest Study Abroad Tips

Being able to study abroad is an amazing experience. Oftentimes it can be easy to lose track of how priceless the opportunity is and not make the most of it. Whether it…

In need of some inspiration for your study abroad destination, or just wanting an escape from reality? These are the best places to study abroad!

The Best Places To Study Abroad According To Instagram

With the world at your fingertips for study abroad, it can be difficult to narrow down where you’d like to set down your temporary home, especially if you’ve never visited any of…

What To Do If You're Struggling Studying Abroad

What To Do If You’re Struggling Studying Abroad

God, I got depressed in exchange. I went into the experience hideously unprepared – I brought my ticket the week before I left, did zero preparation and believed it would all magically…

You are studying abroad and have difficulties socializing? In this article you will learn ways to make friends and build relationships in a foreign country.

10 Ways To Make Friends When Studying Abroad

You are studying abroad and have difficulties making a friend? In this article, you will learn ways to socialize and build a friendship in a foreign country. Here are 10 ways to…

Moving abroad can be difficult and comes with a lot of pros and cons, and we've put together a list of just some of them!

The Pros And Cons Of Moving Abroad For Studies

Choosing to study abroad is a brave choice. It’s an interesting and unforgettable experience that teaches you independence, helps you discover new cultures and make new friends across the world. But being…

Take a look at these things that I missed about the United Kingdom while living abroad. Living abroad definitely shaped my feelings for home.

10 Things I Missed About The UK While Living Abroad

Travelling is an amazing way to learn about new cultures and gain a list of whole new experiences and perspectives, and I can say for certain that some of my greatest memories…