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10 Times Piers Morgan Was A D**k On Good Morning Britain

10 Times Piers Morgan Was A D**k On Good Morning Britain

Do you remember these times where Piers Morgan showed his true colors on Good Morning Britain? Some of these are utterly terrible!

Piers Morgan is known for his controversial remarks and his dogged insistence that he is rarely ever wrong. From insisting that his co-host Susanna is not really as nice off screen, to rude and even sinister comments made while hosting Good Morning Britain, Morgan has shown off his colourful and nasty personality for the whole country to see. While punching ex-Top GearJeremy Clarkson may have been one of his better moves, in my personal opinion, he shouldn’t be allowed to ruin British mornings from the comfort of an ITV studio. Here are 10 times Piers Morgan was quite simply a d*ck.

1. Award-winning Villain

To prove how much of a dick Piers Morgan is, he was actually awarded for being the ‘Best Villain’ by NME, beating Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump! He called members of his studio ‘pathetic’ and ‘spineless’ in the process of receiving his award. Winning an award for being a dick really does make you a dick.

2. Terrible Maths

It won’t come as a shock that Piers Morgan isn’t the biggest fan of Love Island, though his son apparently goes out with ex-villa members. Berating the contestants for not having read ‘A Brief History Of Time’ as he did to Hayley Hughes for not knowing Pythagoras’ Theorem, before cocking up the theorem himself and mistaking it for Pi in a moment of beautiful irony, are only two of the moments Morgan showed off his truly dickish nature. He also called the reality television show’s contestants the ‘worst of the worst’.


3. Love Island Friend or Foe?

On an entirely separate occasion, Piers Morgan told another one of the contestants that the Love Island villa was a ‘villa full of half-wits.’ What a charming man.

4. Trump Ally

When debating Trump’s visit to the UK with both a Trump supporter and a Trump opposer, member of the Stop Trump Coalition Ash Sarkar, Piers was ridiculously patronising (shock) when asking the young journalist whether she knew the number of illegal immigrants Obama deported. Whilst Sarkar continuously stated that she did not know the exact figure, Morgan pressed the question with more than a tinge of condescension. The Trump sycophant has recently interviewed the President on Air Force One; it seems that it’s not America and the UK that are allies, but Trump and Morgan. At least Sarkar got to call Morgan an idiot before the interview was over.

5. Piers for PM?

Piers Morgan even considering himself as Prime Minister is an awful idea and was a dickish moment in itself. His ‘Vote Morgan’ comments, considering Prime Ministerial duties a possibility, albeit in jest, are a testament to just how conceited he really is. You’d never get my vote Piers.


6. Very Unprofessional

When debating professional attire in the workplace with ex-PWC employee Nicola Thorp, Morgan managed to suggest that looking glamourous and looking professional go hand in hand, that he doesn’t think it is unreasonable to demand women wear heels at work, that Theresa May wants to be objectified, and that women want to be thought of as disadvantaged. What a quadruple whammy.

7. Don’t Put Words Into My Mouth

Battling with esteemed journalist Afua Hirsch, Piers Morgan insisted on taking the journalist’s words and running with them. The debate in question was that of Winston Churchill’s character, who despite his many admirable qualities was also a racist. Piers insisted that Hirsh had said that ‘Winston Churchill was an awful bloke’ when this was not the case. It seems the man only hears what he wants to hear.

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8. Piers Morgan Is Not An Elephant

Within a discussion on gender issues, Piers Morgan hurled insensitive comments at two non-conforming guests at Good Morning Britain. In a ridiculous comparison Morgan asks the guests, ‘Can I be an elephant?’ asking also if he should be afforded elephant rights if people can choose how they express their identities. You’re not an elephant Piers, you’re a dick.

9. Mingers United

You may or may not recall the time Piers Morgan used to word ‘minger’ to describe particular women on national tv. Well, he did it and it was very rude. Shame on you Piers.

10. Just Being Himself Really

Morgan suggested that three self-proclaimed Anti-Trump feminists didn’t want him to speak simply because he was a man. Maybe they didn’t want you to speak because you’re a dick Piers. Frankly, Good Morning Britain would be better off without him.


So are you a Piers Morgan fan or not so much? Can you think of any other incidents on Good Morning Britain? Let us know in the comments below!

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