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8 Game Of Thrones Females Who Prove Girls Run the World

8 Game Of Thrones Females Who Prove Girls Run the World

These are the Game of Thrones girls who enchanted, inspired, and embedded fear in us over the last 8 years. Do you cheer or despise them?

If you know Game of Thrones you know you can’t sleep on its female ensemble. They were devious, they were cruel- and we couldn’t get enough!

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

1. Sansa Stark

Sansa, who is aged 11 at the beginning of the series, is helplessly (and often unknowingly) caught in some of the most mischievous plots in Game of Thrones. Whether it was being forced to marry into the family who executed her father, becoming a pawn for Lord Baelish’s schemes, Sansa had her share of adversity in the series. Nevertheless, with the strength of a Stark, she persevered and returned home to eventually fulfil her place as the new Queen of Winterfell.


2. Lyanna Mormont

The 10-year-old lead of House Mormont won us over with her blunt, intimidating screen presence – showing that sometimes size doesn’t matter in the matters of war. Plus, how many other characters managed to single-handedly take down a zombiefied giant?

3. Tyene Sand

Along with her younger sisters, Obara and Nymeria, Tyene Sand was trained by her father to be among Dorne’s most deadly warriors. Collectively known as the ‘Sand Snakes’, Tyene put fear into Game of Thrones audiences with her signature long daggers and the use of lethal poisons she would have smeared on her blades.

4. Yara Greyjoy

A proud Ironborn and heir to the Iron Islands, Yara Greyjoy earned her way up her military ranks to become the leader of her father’s army. After she learns of Theon’s capture, Yarra defies her father’s orders to abandon him and sets out to to save her younger brother, regardless. What more of an awesome sister could you ask for?


5. Brienne of Tarth

Often underestimated and overlooked by other characters of the series, the former Kingsguard became a quick favorite among Game of Thrones fans for her all-round good will and fierce, unyielding loyalty. Her unusual stature allowed her to hang with the guys when it came to one-on-one combat, and one of the most touching moments of the show came when she was finally knighted- something that Brienne never thought would happen to be a woman of Westeros. Just try to watch the scene and not have your heart strings pulled!

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6. Arya Stark

Arya Stark might be the younger of her siblings – but it hasn’t stopped her from turning into one of the strongest characters in the series. Seeking revenge for everything the Lannister’s had done to her family, Arya would go on to produce some of the biggest flips of the story arc, such as the entire and sudden destruction of House Frey. Being typically independent, stubborn, daring and ‘tomboyish’ in nature, the writers of Game of Thrones have broken down many traditional female archetypes to give viewers one bad*ss chick!


7. Cersei Lannister

Some love her, many hate her, but you have to admire her handy work. From a traditional narrative perspective, Cersei Lannister can be seen as the main antagonist of Game of Thrones with the events of the main story arc beginning at her hand. Cersei is extremely narcissistic and ruthless in her dealings of others, stopping at nothing to ensure she and her children remain on the iron throne.

8. Daenerys Targaryen

How could we put Dany any lower on this list? Being introduced as one of the last living remnants of her infamous Targaryen people and as an exploit by her brother, watching Daenerys’ ascension in her conquest for the iron throne was a sheer pleasure for audiences over the show’s eights seasons. She grew from a timid, constrained youth into a ferocious conqueror – and for the span of Game of Thrones show the world went mad for ‘The Mother of Dragons’!

What did you think of the list? Is there was another character you should have been included? Share it in the comments below and tell us why!

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