Post graduation depression is an extremely real and difficult thing to both manage and overcome. These are our tips to remain positive and push through!

10 Ways To Get Through Post Graduation Depression

When all of the summary celebrations come to a close, it is completely normal for everyone to go through post-graduation depression. Finishing university can feel like each one of your professors who…

Why Moving Back Home After University Is Utterly Painful

Why Moving Back Home After University Is Utterly Painful

Have you moved back home after University and found it utterly painful? If so, when you were a student you probably really found your independence because you had your own life, your…

Post-grad life is tough. With that in mind, here are some tips on how to survive the long, unemployed hours after you've graduated from Uni!

How To Survive Post-Grad Life 101

Unless you’re careful, post-grad life can be tough. Your parents might be pressuring you to get a job and move out of their house, so they can stop you eating all their…

Here is why a gap year can be beneficial to you and your life experiences. You will learn many life lessons from a gap year.

10 Life Changing Things You Can Do During Your Gap Year

Gap years give you the perfect opportunity to learn about yourself, experience new things and live your life in a more fulfilling way! The options you have and the experiences available to…

Take a look at these university degree programs that will make you money right after you graduate. No need to worry about not being able to pay the bills.

The List Of University Degree Programs That Will Make You Money

When it comes university degree programmes and future career paths, specific subject choice can really make the difference in terms of annual salary and career progression. In order words, the earnings that…

Here are a few things employers might search for during first interviews with their company. These tips will help you be prepared and land the jobs.

10 Things Employers Look At During First Interviews

I have had many first interviews myself over the past 10 years and have sat on the other side of the table and interviewed people for many roles within various companies. I…