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20 Mistakes Every Fresher At Napier University Makes

20 Mistakes Every Fresher At Napier University Makes

About to attend Napier University? These are the most common mistakes freshers make before attending. Make sure you're not making these!

Freshers is a magnificent time. You meet your best friends, and you get to know the city you’ll soon call home. But, there are many things you wish you never did or said. Have a laugh and look through these 20 mistakes every fresher at Napier University makes. How many apply to you?

1. Appearing hungover to your orientation day

Are you even here? You’d have been as well staying in your bed, because no information will settle with you today. Those last 4 tequila slammers seemed like a good idea at the time.

2. Sending the “my laptop crashed!” email

You left your assignment to the very last minute, so your email hits your lecturer’s inbox just before midnight. You’re not hiding your incompetence very well, but everyone sends at least one of these emails over their time at uni. You may as well get it out of the way in freshman year.


3. Wearing super smart clothes to your interview

What even is the dress code for a Napier University entrance interview? You’ll either be remembered for wearing a plaid shirt and blue jeans, or for wearing the only three-piece suit you own – bow tie included. The interviewees who also get accepted will remember you on the first day and never let you live it down. That’s the price you pay for style huh.

4.Thinking those people you met last night in CAV are going to be your friends for life

Turns out Sarah is a gossip. Now everyone knows you got with Jason last night. Something you wanted to forget and never think about, but that’s ok Sarah, you tell everyone in our friend group xxxx

5. Spending all your student loan as soon as you get it MERRY SAASMAS!!

But what do you actually spend it on? Where does it disappear to? Oh yeah:


6. Drinking VK in Cav

A big, big mistake. The gut-wrenching taste will line your lips for days after your hangover ends. True stuff of nightmares.

7. Making out with someone in your class

You have to see them every single day now. The kiss wasn’t even that good. You’ll be shaking off the embarrassment for the next four years I’m afraid.


8. Walk into the wrong classroom

Whispering the embarrassed “oap, sorry, wrong class” is something all freshmen at Napier are familiar with.

9. Sitting in a lecture for ten minutes before realising it is not your class

How embarrassing. You pack up your things as quietly as possible and never return to that floor again.

10.Trusting your new friends to take you home and put you to bed

This doesn’t always go to plan. Every fresher from Napier is always drunk on a night out, so getting to their own bed is the number one priority. If you’re asleep in the streets, then at least you’re getting some rest. Worry about the repercussions tomorrow.


11. Thinking uni is going to be easy because you’re at Napier

Not true.

12.Being THAT person

That person who got too drunk at the student mixer. That person who hasn’t been to class once. That person who said something risky in a class discussion and hasn’t lived it down. That person who never works hard on group projects. That person who is on the register but never in class. That person who always wants to be in charge.

We all were (are?) at least one of those people.


13. Returning to the same student club night week after week after week after week after week

It gets embarrassing because the staff begins to recognise you, which means they know everything you did that you forgot about. Your sanity lies in someone else’s hands, and that ain’t fun.

14. Trying the canteen lasagne just to see what it’s like

Note to all freshers at Edinburgh Napier University: do not eat it! Whatever it is, do not eat it!

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The canteen lasagne tastes like cheese flavoured jelly, with a hint of tomato powder. You shouldn’t have bothered.

15. You thought Hive was a good night out because Google told you it was

Many very sweaty people lurk through the dance rooms in Hive.

16. You thought Why Not was the place to be because Google told you it was

Why not? Why not? I’ll tell you why not! Student nights are £5 entry and normal nights are £8. Many very sweaty spice boys lurk through the dance rooms in Why Not too.


17. Thinking you’ll get any work done in the Kilby

The Kilby, you’ll come to realise, is a social hub at Napier University. No one gets work done in there, because every woman and her dug is in there.

18. Trying to use your fake ID

This is definitely a mistake every underage fresher at Napier has made. That wee card may have worked in your hometown, but in the big city, those dates you edited with black nail polish ain’t going to fool anyone.

19. Going on a bar crawl with the science society

These people at Napier University are smart, and they talk about things you’ll never understand. In other words, these folk makes for a really boring night out. Just because bars are involved doesn’t always mean the night out will be a hit.


20. Going to Tribeca every day

You’re a struggling student for god’s sake – struggling students don’t do brunch! I don’t know who you think you are, but take that week-old curry out the freezer and get chomping.

Do you agree with these fresher mistakes at Napier University? Let us know in the comment section below!

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