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5 Best Travel Apps To Plan A Holiday In The Cheapest Way Possible

5 Best Travel Apps To Plan A Holiday In The Cheapest Way Possible

Planning a trip on your own can be more stressful and expensive than you imagined it to be. Here is the best travel apps to make it easier!

Planning a trip on your own can be more stressful and expensive than you imagined it to be. This is why we have collected 5 apps that will not just take the stress out of your travels but also save you money at the same time. Here are our 5 travel apps to plan a holiday in the cheapest way possible.

Holiday Pirates

No matter when or where you’re looking to travel, Holiday Pirates has you covered. The people behind the travel app are always looking through the web to find the best deals on holidays, flights, hotels & more. The more you are flexible with the period of time you want to travel the more offers there will be for fabulous lifetime opportunities.

The travel app has an alert feature that allows you to set up alerts based on your travel preferences. You just need to choose your preferred destinations, departure airport and budget and as soon as they find a deal that matches a notification will be sent to your phone.


Lucky trip

“Find a trip in one tap, where will luck take you?”

All you have to do is set the maximum budget you are willing to pay per person and tap on the lucky button, the travel app will instantly give you a complete trip that costs less than your selected budget. Each trip will find you somewhere to go, with the best deals on Skyscanner, somewhere to stay, with the best rooms from, and a couple of unique things to do while you are there. Don’t like the destination you where offered? Just tap on the lucky button again and see what else is on offer.



Save up to 40% on every flight. Hopper is a travel app that uses advanced data science to predict if prices will go up or down. You can save the flights you are interested in on specific dates and Hopper will send you a notification when the ticket drops to its lowest price. This travel app helps you figure out if you should book your flight now or wait for a better price using the price prediction feature accurate 95% of the time.

If you are flexible on travelling dates, Hopper had a color-coded calendar feature that tells you when the best moment for your holiday would be.

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Trail Wallet

Keeping the spending in check when on holiday can be difficult, but it’s often necessary as you don’t want to get to the last few days of the trip with close to no money to eat, see or do anything. Nobody wants to worry about money while traveling and this is why everyone needs Trail Wallet. The app tracks your finances by trip or by month. All you have to do is set yourself a daily budget and then easily add expenses as you go. You can even add receipts using the Quick Add screen. You can check whenever you want how you are doing, the app will tell you what you are spending the most money on, so you can ensure to not go over budget.

The app is free for the first 25 items you add to it, after that you will have to do an In-App Purchase of £3.99 to unlock unlimited amounts.

TripIt: Travel Planner

This last travel app won’t save you money, but it will save you time, stress and headaches, and that is also important. TripIt is a travel planner that holds all the information you need when traveling in one place. You can either add it manually on the app or send all of your flight, hotel, car or any other reservations by email to and they will instantly create your itinerary with all the information, including a map view of all your plans. The app works also offline and you can also share your travel details with everyone else you are going to travel with instantly. The app also reminds you when to check in, tells you when to leave for the airport, sends you real-time flight alerts, lets you know how long the security lines are, monitors for flight refunds, provides interactive airport and terminal maps and sends you terminal and gate reminders.


Know other travel apps? Comment down below with any other travel apps you would think other fellow travellers should use when planning their next holiday.

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