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How To Set Up Your Class Schedule So You Can Have Fun

How To Set Up Your Class Schedule So You Can Have Fun

Want to know how to set up your class schedule? Here are a few tips to make sure you optimize your time so you get to have more fun!

Attending class can feel like it gets in the way of having fun but it doesn’t have to! Ok so your university classes are set in stone but by organising your revision and work time effectively means that you can still have a fun time. Making sure you make time for everything you want to do and prioritise will help you maximise any free time you have to do what you want. Here’s how to set up your class schedule for you to enjoy your free time!

Get up early

One of the most efficient ways how to set up your class schedule is to get up early. By getting up early you’re making sure you get the most out of your day. Waking up early and making a good start to the day means you can attend your classes but also use your time effectively to complete any other tasks you have which means you’ll have more time after class to do some fun things with friends.

Use the mornings effectively

Make a list of things you want to achieve and try and do them all before class starts. By making a list you’re more likely to remember what you want to achieve which makes it so much easier. Being productive as soon as you can mean you’re likely to continue the day like that.


Keep evenings free

Keeping your evenings free from work, class or any other tasks you have means you can work hard all day and save your evenings for fun things. By keeping your days maybe 9-5 then it leaves a full day of work and classes and a full evening of fun!

Make sure you attend and complete everything as early as you can

Know you’ve got plans at the end of the week or something you don’t want to miss out on? Schedule classes/work for the start of the week so you get them all out of the way as soon as possible and leave yourself with plenty of time at the end of the week to enjoy yourself!

Make time for exercise and physical activity

Amongst everything you need to achieve make sure you make some time for the gym or a run. It’s a great break between classes and can really motivate you for the rest of the day. By including some physical activity in your day it will help in more ways than one.


Prioritise tasks

By prioritising what you need to attend and achieve each week will really help you maximise your time so that you can do everything. It’s no good missing out on the fun if you didn’t take advantage of some free time in the week that you instead just wasted. Write down everything that you want to achieve and number them 1-10 to ensure you know what needs doing first and what can wait till the end.

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Don’t burn yourself out

Trying to multi-task too many things each week can really run you down. You want the best of both but make sure you dedicate yourself some time to rest or else you won’t have time for anything.


Keep organized

Organization is important if you want to learn how to set up your class schedule. By keeping organized you are making sure that everything you want to achieve will be achieved. As soon as you stop that’s when things begin to slip. Remember classes are important but so is having a balanced lifestyle so ensure that you are keeping on track for both.

Classes are the most important

If it wasn’t reiterated enough in this post, make sure that you prioritise classes. As easy as it can be to not attend or do something better instead it is so important to keep on top of things. Getting up early might be a chore but it ensures you that you have time to do everything and use your time productively. Keep your eye on the goal and ensure you never miss an event again!

Do you agree with our tips on how to set up your class schedule so you can have fun? Let us know in the comments section below!

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