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10 Gifs That Accurately Describe Being A Student At University Of South Wales

10 Gifs That Accurately Describe Being A Student At University Of South Wales

Being a student at the University of South Wales comes with a lot of interesting and unique experiences. Here are some GIFs that show that.

No matter which campus you go to, being a student at the University of South Wales is always interesting and full of surprises. You’ll meet some of the best people and make friends from all over the world. Studying at university isn’t exactly easy but it’s one of the most amazing experiences, even if it does stress you out. Here are 10 gifs that accurately describe what it’s like being a student at the University of South Wales.

1. That feeling when you don’t initially understand the work.

No matter which university you go to, when you first start you’ll wonder what on earth you’re doing there and if you can even get through it. You’ll stress and you’ll cry but you’ll get the hang of it, and sooner than you think. The University of South Wales has a brilliant library to help, so don’t forget to visit, even if it’s only the one time.

2. Trying to stop yourself from procrastinating.

You try studying but sometimes it just never works. Even the classrooms can distract you! You have student’s art pieces everywhere and wild bunnies running outside your window, sometimes it takes work to listen to the lecturer. You just end up sitting there telling yourself to KEEP CONCENTRATING!


3. Trying to walk up the hills on a vertical campus.

Wales is full of hills and mountains and, sadly, so are the universities. Treforest campus is probably the worst for it. You have to basically climb a vertical line to get to the student halls. It can already take enough effort to go to lectures, but even the campus itself makes you want to stay home. On the bright side, it’s a great way to keep fit and a perfect excuse to buy some cute flats.

4. Forgetting how to reference. Every. Time.

It doesn’t matter how many times you have to reference a quote, it doesn’t matter how many essays you write, every time you enter a new term, you will forget how to do it correctly. For some reason, it doesn’t sink in. Too many times our group chat has included questions on referencing. MLA or Harvard? What part is in italics? Everyone asks each other the same thing every time. By the end of it, you just google the answer because you’ve lost your course handbook.

5. Climbing the hills after a night out.

Personally, I think this is worse for anyone studying at the Treforest campus. If you live there then not only will you have to do the walk of shame, but you’ll be doing the crawl of shame too. Eclipse nightclub is the closest to the campus and definitely the place to go for a night out. It always ends up messy but makes some of the best, most memorable nights possible. However, it’s also situated right at the bottom of the hill. Good luck crawling home drunk!


6. Being asked to move the tables and chairs.

I don’t know if they do it anywhere else, but lecturers seem to enjoy a good game of musical chairs at the University of South Wales. If you’re on a small course and need to use the classrooms, you will know the pain of being asked to move the tables into a “horseshoe” or a “circle”, so that everyone can see each other. Maybe this is just the creative classes but it definitely happened! There is usually a lot of complaining that comes with this, trust me.

7. When you try sneaking around the student halls after a night out.

It’s impossible. You can try, but you’ll make noise. You’ll be waking someone up, you should just accept it and enjoy. Most of the campuses are either surrounded by nightclubs, or have nightclubs at the student unions, so it’s nice that you try, but you won’t be the only one who’s drunk.

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8. Attending a lecture after a night out.

Whether it’s at Eclipse, Cables or around Cardiff, everyone has had to attend a 9am lecture after a night out. We just can’t help ourselves it seems. Some people just sleep-in and forget all about the lecture. But for those warriors who like to try, you’ll understand the struggle of trying to stay awake long enough to write even just one useful sentence.

9. That moment you realise that it’s time for food.

Every campus is next to amazing food places. Cardiff has unique restaurants and stylish cafes, Treforest has local pubs, The Randy Dragon and Stilts, whilst Glyntaff has…well they usually have to go over to Treforest. No matter where you are, the food available is amazing and delivers a well-needed break from studying. If you go to Stilts in Treforest, I highly recommend the chocolate fudge cake. It was my Monday treat.

10. Realising that it’s almost graduation.

University goes quickly! Everyone will eventually feel the overwhelming dread that is graduation. It’s one of the best days of your life but also the scariest. Luckily, the University of South Wales has plenty of ways to help you prepare. You get can great career advice, CV help or even work experience if you visit Go Wales or the library. Definitely enjoy the experience, because soon, the real world will be calling your name.

What GIFs describe your experience at University of South Wales? Tell us in the comments!
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