Small Changes That Can Have A Big Impact On Your Mental Health

Small Changes That Can Have A Big Impact On Your Mental Health

With exam season and school just ending, some of us might be feeling a bit down or stressed out right now – school, college and university can be really tough and you’re not alone if you’re struggling right now. So, if your mental health isn’t in tip-top shape right now and you’re wondering what you can do to help improve it, you can make some changes to your everyday life that can have a big impact – and they don’t have to be big changes! These are also great changes for even if you’re not struggling with your mental health but just looking to live a better and more positive life. Here are five small changes that you can make that can have a big impact on your mental health!

1. Make sure you only surround yourself with people that are good for you

Anyone that is doing you more harm than good in your life needs to go. Why waste your precious time and energy on someone that makes you feel bad about yourself or your life? Only ever surround yourself with people that give you the energy back that you put in. Avoid negative, judgemental and two-faced people, even if it means cutting off people that you’ve known for a long time – having a good friend that lifts you up and helps you to grow as a person is much more valuable than having a long-term friend that makes you feel down.

Small Changes That Can Have A Big Impact On Your Mental Health

2. Consider who you’re following on social media and how often you’re using it

Just like reconsidering the people you spend time with, think carefully about who you’re following on social media. Be it people in your real life or celebrities and influencers, only follow people that make you feel good about yourself. Follow people that are motivating and spread positivity, avoid people that encourage negative thoughts or are just generally not a positive impact. There are some really great influencers out there that will really motivate you and help you to become a better person, so go and find them – try UnJadedJade on YouTube or Chessie King on Instagram.

3. Take some time every day for yourself

Make some time every day to look after yourself. Whether it’s making an hour in the evening to light a candle, do a facemask and watch your favourite tv show, or waking up an hour earlier to read some of your book, or having a break midday to just generally chill out. It’s so important, especially if you’re really busy, to make sure you’re having some down time to look after yourself. It’s easy to come home from work and then go straight out with friends, but consider just sparing a little bit of time to do something you enjoy.

Small Changes That Can Have A Big Impact On Your Mental Health

4. Find a hobby that is completely stress free

Going to the gym, yoga, meditating, colouring, blogging, clothes shopping, the possibilities are endless! There are so many things out there – there really is something for everyone. Whether you want to go to the library or go wine tasting, find something that allows you to escape everything in life the is stressful or depressing or anxiety-inducing, and enjoy being stress-free for a little while. It makes a bigger difference than you probably think!

5. Make sure you share your worries

It is very easy when you’re worried about something to just sit in your room, harbouring negative thoughts – this will get you nowhere. You’re much more likely to think irrationally and get yourself really down if you keep your worries to yourself. Find a friend, family member, colleague or even a teacher that you can share your worries with – nobody is going to laugh at you or think you’re ridiculous, people are much more understanding than you probably think. It’s true what they say, a problem shared really is a problem halved.

Small Changes That Can Have A Big Impact On Your Mental Health

Why not give some of these tips a try if you’re struggling with your mental health at the moment. Remember though, if you ever feel like your mental health is taking over your life or that you’re a danger to yourself for anyone around you, seek help. You can contact the Samaritans in the UK on 116 123, or alternatively, call 1-800-985-5990 to speak to the SAMHSA Disaster Distress Helpline in the US.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any small changes you can make to improve your mental health, or let us know if any of these tips have helped you at all!

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