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15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Near Nottingham Trent University

15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Near Nottingham Trent University

If you're looking to have some fun around Nottingham with your boyfriend or your girlfriend (or your crush) here are some cheap and fun date ideas near Nottingham Trent University that anyone will love!

Nottingham is a city with a lot to offer, especially when it comes to dates. After living here for the past three years, I have come to know A LOT of affordable and enjoyable date spots for all of your perfect date preferences.

1. Get happy at 400 Rabbits Tequila Happy Hour

400 Rabbits is an authentic Mexican style tequila bar in the centre of Nottingham. If you go between 5 & 8 pm they have happy hour meaning all drinks are £4, bargain! If tequila isn’t your drink of choice fear not because they also do a variety of other cocktails and beverages. My personal favourite is ‘Miami Vice’, a combination of frozen pina colada and strawberry daiquiri, basically an alcoholic slush puppy – it’s amazing! The atmosphere is very cosy with dimmed lighting giving it a romantic vibe.

Slurpin’ of my frozen pina colada strawberry daiquiri combo

2. Take a romantic stroll around Wollaton Hall & Park

Wollaton Hall is an Elizabethan Manor with huge gardens and is a short bus ride from the city centre. Inside the house is a stuffed animal exhibit (quite creepy but fascinating) and the gardens and lake are a perfect location for a long romantic walk or even a picnic.


3. Have a romantic walk/bike ride along Nottingham Canal

Nottingham Canal goes on for miles and is a lovely place to go for a walk, or if you prefer a more energetic date, to go for a cycle ride. Along the canal are a variety of beautifully decorated canal boats and pubs/bars. Me and my boyfriend’s personal favourite is going for a walk along the canal to Pets at Home (as the store is right by it), so this is another fun alternative for animal lovers.

4. Enjoy some Mexican cuisine at Chiquito Restaurant

Restaurants are the obvious idea for a date, however Chiquito is one I would highly recommend a visit to. It’s a Mexican Restaurant, Bar and Grill offering a mass of tasty drinks and food, plus a sombrero to wear whilst you eat if you really want to get into the Mexican mood. If you download the Chiquitos app you get £10 off your food bill when you first sign up or 25% student discount all day everyday, perfect!

5. Get cosy with popcorn and a film at Cineworld

A foolproof date idea is the classic cinema date. Cineworld in Nottingham is in a building with a variety of restaurants and an arcade perfect for pre or post movie entertainment. The last film I saw on a date at Cineworld was IT. Scary films are always fun to watch on a date as it gives you the opportunity to snuggle up to your partner during all the scary parts (whilst sneakily stealing their popcorn…) 


6. Absorb some culture at Nottingham Contemporary

For those more arty couples, Nottingham Contemporary is ideal and has a variety of exhibitions and events all year round. An upcoming one that I am going on a date to is called ‘Light Night‘ taking place on February 23rd, and it’s completely free!

7. Get competitive at Lost City crazy golf

I have lost count of how many times me and my boyfriend have been on dates to Lost City. It’s an indoor jungle themed crazy golf course, with alligators and colourful fountains at every turn. Lost City is a perfect date to have a laugh with your partner and have a bit of (friendly) competition.

8. Get Active at Planet Bounce

Planet Bounce is a trampoline park for people of all ages and a great idea for a more crazy and energetic date. If you are a seasoned trampoliner it also gives you the opportunity to show off some of your moves to your date.


9.  Visit seasonal events in Old Market Square

Right in the centre of Nottingham is Old Market Square, where a wide range of seasonal events are held. Lounge on the artificial beach during the summer months, ride the ghost train at Halloween or do some Christmas shopping at the Christmas Market in December. Me and my boyfriend’s favourite is the Christmas Market, it’s super festive and romantic with a variety of yummy delicacies (Nutella crepes and waffles) on offer. There is also an ice rink and an outdoor ice bar (with heaters!)

10. Get historical at Nottingham Castle

Having a walk around Nottingham Castle is always a good date idea, but also offers an opportunity to visit Nottingham Caves for those more daring couples (I’m too scared!) Nottingham Castle also hosts a food festival once a year, because who doesn’t love food!?

11. Get comfy and enjoy a film at the Savoy Cinema

The Savoy Cinema is different to Cineworld as instead of sitting on separate chairs you both share a red velvet loveseat aka. the height of romance and seduction. It is also cheaper than Cineworld at £4.75 for students!

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12. Get saucy with a salsa class at Revolucion de Cuba

What can be saucier and allow you to get to know each other on a more intimate level than a salsa class!? Revs de Cuba offers a cheeky salsa class twice a week, and the opportunity to sign up for multiple classes if you both fall in love, not only with each other, but also salsa.

13. Grab a burger and some pitchers at good ol’ Wetherspoons

Spoons is a cheap and easy go to with students, and there’s something quite romantic about sharing a Purple Rain pitcher with your date.. plus they do yummy and affordable food too.


14. Share a sundae at Kaspa’s

Kaspa’s is a dessert diner in Nottingham city centre, serving everything from waffles to sundaes. It’s designed in classic diner style making it a great place to get some cute instagrams with your date.

15. The ultimate romantic date… a trip to Morrisons

Ok, ok, I know what you’re thinking – since when has Morrisons been a romantic date idea!? But hear me out. When I first moved to Nottingham I was awful at cooking, so on the night I first met my boyfriend of three years (who is also an amazing chef), I confided in him that I was in desperate need of some cooking lessons for fear of accidentally poisoning myself with my home cooking. When he asked me on our first date I instantly agreed and proceeded to ask what he had planned, to which he responed ‘a trip to Morrisons.’

Not quite what I had in mind for a fun first date. However, I was proven wrong! We actually had a great time whizzing down the isles on our trolleys and coming up with exciting and yummy recipes that he was going to teach me to cook. So, if ever you are looking for a cheap and fun date idea, Morrisons is my go to 😉


Nottingham truly is a great place for dates, and I hope this post has given you plenty of fun and affordable ideas to try with your loved/potential loved one.

Do you have any more cool date ideas near Nottingham Trent University? Share down below!

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