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15 Most Bizarre Things About Birmingham No One Understands

15 Most Bizarre Things About Birmingham No One Understands

Take a peak at these bizarre things about Birmingham that many people do not know or understand! I am here to tell you about them!

Birmingham is one of the UK’s most diverse city and being such a big city there are many bizarre things about it that no one understands unless they live in Birmingham. Here are a few of those bizarre things about Birmingham.

It’s a big city

People from other towns or smaller city’s are always amazed by how big the city actually is, but that’s only because they consider Solihull, Sutton Coldfield and other places as part of Birmingham when they aren’t really.

Even though it’s a big city we bump into loads of people

The most bizzare thing about Birmingham is that you will see at least three people when you go out anywhere, even though it’s a huge city. The worst thing is they’re usually your mum’s friends so she always takes half an hour talking to each of them.


It’s full of all kinds of people

Birmingham is full of all types of people like students, roadmen, workaholics and fashionistas. All you have to do is walk around the city center to see all of them.

It takes at least 20 minutes to get anywhere

Getting anywhere by car is long enough but by public transport isn’t absolutely ridiculous, and trying to get into city center especially during rush hour is the worst.  Anyone who lives in Birmingham knows how annoying it is and no one understands why it even takes so long.


Birmingham has the best tap water in the UK

This is a very bizarre one I know, but people from other city’s or towns are always surprised by how good our water tastes, it’s sweeter than others. The worst water is said to be from London, you’d be better off buying bottle water.

Birmingham has more canals than Venice

It’s true. Even though Venice is known for it’s canals, Birmingham has more! I know it’s hard to believe but they were used a lot back when Birmingham was at the forefront of the industrial revolution.


Birmingham is the second largest city in the UK, not Manchester

For some reason people always think Manchester is the second city in the UK, I mean sure they have the Trafford center but Birmingham is way better… well in it’s own way.

The food in Birmingham is crazy cheap

In Birmingham you can get a whole burger meal for £2.50 or a pizza for £5, the food here is so cheap it’s crazy. This is another one of the bizarre things about Birmingham.

Especially the curry

Birmingham is known for it’s great tasting curry, but it’s also ridiculously cheap. It’s one of the bizarre things about Birmingham no one really understands. This is another one of the bizarre things about Birmingham.


The car Brum was named after Birmingham

Brum was a TV show for young children which aired a very long time ago but some might still remember it, it was a yellow car that went on adventures.


Lord of the rings was filmed in Birmingham

Lord of the rings was filmed in Birmingham in Sarehole Mill where the author of the book went as a kid and based the story around the setting. This might well be the most interesting thing that’s happened in Birmingham for a while.

Why the accent is so bad

No one understands why the accent is so bad, we don’t hear it ourselves but other people are always saying how bad it is and that they can’t understand us when we talk, it’s just plain rude if you ask me. This is another one of the bizarre things about Birmingham.


It’s actually a beautiful place to live

Birmingham is home to amazing parks and natural reserves, the city has more parks than any other city in the UK and it makes Birmingham a great place to live. This is another one of the bizarre things about Birmingham.

Which of these bizarre things about Birmingham did you know about? Let us know below.

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