15 True Signs You Grew Up In Birmingham That Every Local Will Relate To

Take a look at these true signs you grew up in Birmingham! You will be able to relate to these if you are or were a Birmingham local!

Birmingham is both loved and hated, growing up here makes you feel no different about this city, here are 10 true signs you grew up in Birmingham.

Our accent

When you go to a different city people can’t understand you, mock you or try so hard to ignore your accent even though you don’t think it’s that bad. The Brummie accent is considered the worst alongside Scouse even though we can’t hear it.

Birmingham, England - I can so see Devin and Gemma as kids walking hand in hand down this lane after school. #Player's Challenge

We love food too much

Birmingham is known for the number of restaurants and this probably explains why we love food a little too much.

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We have an appreciation of culture

Birmingham is full of different cultures and if you grew up in Birmingham you already know where to go if you want the best Arabic or Indian food, because of course food is the best way to appreciate a culture. This is one of the true signs you grew up in Birmingham!

We love all the cheap stuff

Our parents already know the best places to get the cheapest things and it’s starting to affect us, are you really Brummie if you don’t try to save a couple of quid here and there?

We know Stratford Upon Avon like the back of our hand

We’re used to going Stratford Upon Avon at least three times every summer even though all there is there is a house of a dead writer and a park, and you already know the best place to eat there is the fish and chip shop right opposite the park. This is definitely one of the true signs you grew up in Birmingham!

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We always complain about the Bullring

London has Westfield, Manchester has Trafford centre, what do we have? Bullring! I’ll admit that the Grand Central is quite nice but Bullring needs an update…and a food court. This is one of the true signs you grew up in Birmingham!

We’re reckless drivers

This may be due to the horrid traffic in Birmingham but the driving can get so bad that your seat belt needs a seat belt.

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Constitution Hill, Birmingham, England

We would always go to the chippy/corner shop after school

When we’d walk home from school we’d stop at the chippy for a burger and chips or go to the corner shop to get a Boost drink or Tip Top if it was summer, ahh the good old days.

We’d go Cadbury’s World on school trips

Cadbury’s World was the one school trip we’d enjoy the most because sometimes they’d give out free chocolate, why else would anyone go? This is yet another one of the true signs you grew up in Birmingham!

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Deep down we love living here… like really really deep down

We all have a love hate relationship with this city but it’s still home and we’d miss it if we ever left.

If you’re a Brummie you definitely relate to these true signs you grew up in Birmingham. Let us know which ones you can relate to most in the comments!

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