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5 Reasons to Visit Birmingham UK

5 Reasons to Visit Birmingham UK

Birmingham is one of the most underrated cities in England, and people really say more bad than good. But i'm here to enlighten you!

Birmingham is torn down on the Internet for not being the best city or for its citizens not having the nicest accents. However, Birmingham has many things going for it and people forget that this is the second city. Birmingham is a beautiful place with many hidden treasures hiding beneath the surface- it just needs to be given a chance! Here are some reasons to get on down to Birmingham and explore it for yourself! 

1. Independent Cinema’s 

Independent cinemas are one of the beautiful things about the city. Electric cinema is a very popular option for Brummie’s and visitors! They show movies old and new, and they even sell proper food and drinks. Have an explore, and see if it is for you!


2. Brummie’s 

Brummie’s are said to be some of the friendliest people in Birmingham, and I agree wholeheartedly. If you’re lost or need a hand with anything, you’re most likely going to gain a helping hand from a friendly Birmingham local. It is a welcoming place, and it really feels like home to most people even if they’re not from there.  

3. Restaurants/Bars 

The restaurant and bar scene in Birmingham is booming. Broad Street is filled with bars/clubs that are perfect for lunch in the day and clubbing at night. It is busy 7 days a week, and people travel from many cities around the UK to enjoy a good night on the town here. The restaurants are surrounding Broad Street, and some even around all of the shops, so that you can have a break from shopping to grab a bite easily.  

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4. Shopping Destination 

The Bullring is the main tourist destination when it comes to shopping in Birmingham. It is a big shopping centre that has all the shops you need right at your feet. So many different ranges and they’re great for a good Saturday shop day. We now have one of the biggest Primark’s in the UK with restaurants and coffee shops built in. So, a day trip to Primark is even enough to get you to come along to Birmingham. 

5. Lots of activities for adults & children 

Legoland Discovery, Birmingham Library, Barclay Arena, The National Sealife Centre all hold shows regularly. If you venture further out you have zoos, The Black Country Museum, The Back 2 Backhouses, Drayton Manor, and more. There is plenty to do as an adult with or without the kids! 

It’s time for people to open their eyes and stop letting the internet make up their minds for them! If you have the wrong impression of Birmingham, then give it a second chance. Come explore the depths of Birmingham and try all the activities it has to offer! Whatever you love to do, or enjoy doing, I’m pretty sure Birmingham has it here for you.  

Will you visit Birmingham now? Did you have any impressions? If you’ve been, tell me what you thought! If you haven’t, will you now? Let’s talk positively about it for once. It deserves it. 

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