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The Ultimate Ranking Of Post-Night-Out Fast Food Places In Birmingham

The Ultimate Ranking Of Post-Night-Out Fast Food Places In Birmingham

Here is the ultimate ranking of post-night-out fast food places in Birmingham that you don't want to miss out on. A must have guide for any student!

We’ve all been there when it hits 3 am and you’re sobering up in a dingy club. The only thing left on your mind are those post-night-out ‘cheesy chips’. Luckily, Birmingham offers a wide selection of late-night fast food places that will make all your drunk food dreams come true, whether it’s a beef kebab or a greasy pepperoni pizza, here is the ultimate ranking of post-night-out fast food places!

1. Pit Stop – Broad Street

Broad Street’s finest. Not only is the service quick but the prices are so cheap you’ll probably end up drowning in chips. Pit Stop serves the classic chicken and chips combo and also has a separate pizza section. The food itself is so delicious you may end up buying cheesy chips, chicken nuggets, and a full-size margarita pizza. It’s just unbeatable.

2. Roosters – Selly Oak

Not only is this perhaps the most convenient location for hungry and drunk university students but it also offers the best chicken in Selly Oak. It has some cheap meal deals that’ll really satisfy your stomach full of double vodka cokes and blue VKs. My personal go to? A number two, which gets you a chicken burger, chips and strips of chicken for around £3 – a banging deal!


3. Pizza Land – Selly Oak

This is a fast-food place that truly goes the extra mile. You can make your own pizza and get a photo on their wall of fame. It’s surprisingly good for such a cheap price point and you’ll normally have leftovers to snack on tomorrow when the hangover hits. This place is always a lifesaver, and definitely deserves a top ranking place on this list.

4. McDonald’s – City Centre

24-hour heaven. A staple on any fast-food list, you know you can’t go wrong with a good old Maccie D’s at the end of a night out. This one is particularly good for after Digbeth nights out as it’s about a ten-minute walk from the clubs. The only downside being as it’s in city centre sometimes you’ll find yourself drunk eating a Big Mac at 5am sitting next to a businessman who’s up early for work and is getting breakfast, awkward…

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5. Dominos – Selly Oak

I can’t deny Dominos is amazing. The food is beyond good and the deals are often incredibly good value. However, this is ranking slightly lower on the list simply due to the price. Without a good deal, you could up spending up to £40 on an order, as some of my friends have been known to do. Stepping into Dominos after a night out is frankly dangerous to your bank account so I advise you stay away if you aren’t looking to reach the limit of your overdraft within the first month of uni.

6. – Selly Oak

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I would say this fast-food place ranks a lot less favourably than the others. Although the food still tastes heavenly after hours of dancing and downing yager bombs, what lets down is their slow service. You normally have to wait quite a while which is really not what you want in a tired and drunk state. However, it still has its perks, including a drink with the meal deals and all for a fairly good price.

Do you agree with our list of post-night-out fast food places in Birmingham? Comment down below which is your favourite and tell us why!

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