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20 Beauty Hacks From Around The World

20 Beauty Hacks From Around The World

What are the other beauty hacks around the world? Find out with our selection of the top beauty hacks coming from other countries!

Every country its tricks for glowing skin or shiny hair that many of us over here haven’t even thought about. Lucky for us broke beauty gurus, their hacks tend to be cheap and cheerful and usually found conveniently in the home! Here are a few beauty hacks from different places from around the world that you’ll be dying to try ASAP!

India and Turmeric

Used as a mask for radiant skin, I have seen this ingredient pop up on multiple beauty websites. Indian women have been using this for many, many years. If you have dry skin try blending it with an oil based product such as coconut or olive. If you have oily skin, then perhaps using a mix of yoghurt (it also helps fight acne) and lemon juice would work better for you. Use only ½ a teaspoon of turmeric because it has been known to stain but using a little bit of milk in your concoction can eliminate this factor.

Morocco and Argan Oil

This ingredient has certainly made its way into an abundance of hair and beauty products available on the market currently. It is favoured for its hydrating properties that can transform dry skin or hair to glowing and shiny. One of my favourite products is Superdrug’s own brand Coconut Oil with Argan OilDiscover which beauty hacks from other countries you should definitely follow!


Egypt and Milk and Honey

These ingredients were once used in Cleopatra’s bathing ritual, used for their believed moisturizing and exfoliating properties. Honey was also added for its hydrating nature, double the moisture! The Body Shop also has a range of products aimed at sensitive skin featuring Almond Milk and Honey. It soothes irritation, redness, dehydration, and dryness. A classic take on beauty hacks!

Greece and Rosemary Water

Used by Greek women as a natural conditioner, the nutrients found in rosemary water are beneficial to protecting skin cells from frequent sun damage. It also acts as a natural antiseptic, therefore can be used as a disinfectant for both skin and hair.

Discover which beauty hacks from other countries you should definitely follow!


China and Rice Water

The water that is left over from cooking rice can be used as a facial cleanser. It is said by Chinese herbal medicine that the nutrients that remained in the water can lift oil and dirt from the skin. Who knew leftovers from cooking dinner could be used in your skin routine.

France and Lemon Juice

If you want to keep your nails in superb condition then the French believe that soaking your nails in lemon juice for 10 minutes is the key. Say goodbye to any stubborn nail varnish stains because of this is the trick. Lemons are packed with alpha-hydroxy acid that brightens and lightens the fibers in your nails. To try this hack simply squeeze the juice of one lemon with a cup out warm water ( not hot!) and then dip your fingers in for 5mins. A zesty smell and perfect nails? Sign me up!

Discover which beauty hacks from other countries you should definitely follow!


The Dominican Republic and Garlic

I love garlic in every shape and form …in my food anyways so not too sure how I feel about incorporating it into my beauty routine! Popping a little bit of minced garlic into a clear nail varnish can really help strengthen your nails. Beware the smell can be very off-putting but you’ll have strong gorgeous nails after. No more splitting, peeling, or broken nails for you!

Brazil and Sandy Beaches

Brazil boasts some of the most amazing natural landscapes and that includes their stunning beaches that stretch for miles. With that being said Brazillian’s spend a lot of time down there with all the good weather they have (jealous). The benefits of these beach trips mean that they are able to use sand as a natural exfoliant. Scrubbing off dead skin cells leaves a smooth and soft complexion. So the next time you’re down the beach grab a handful of sad and in circular motions rub it in your desired place. Smooth in no time, right!

Spain and Potato Slices

Oh no, they don’t use cucumber eye masks in Spain instead they use potatoes. A little Mediterranean twist on the facials we have over here. They are used for their believed enzymes that diminish any puffiness under the eyes and can also tighten the skin.


Croatia and Lavender Oil

Do you suffer from skin breakouts? Croatia’s go-to product for this issue is lavender oil. The reason for this is because of its astringent properties that help to clean the skin and kill the harmful bacteria that lead to breakouts.

Discover which beauty hacks from other countries you should definitely follow!

Mexico and Spoons

Maybe you’ve forgotten your eyelash curler on your travels and stuck to know what to use? Well, Mexico has your answer, spoons! Holding the spoon against your eye as a form of curler allows you to get your desired look, simple.


Australia and Yarrow

If stretch marks are an issue for you the Australian’s believe that yarrow extract can help your dilemma. Whilst these marks are quite tough to get rid of yarrow helps to moisturise the skin with its anti-inflammatory compounds and aids the recovery of the scar tissue into healthy skin.

Discover which beauty hacks from other countries you should definitely follow!

Brazil and Oatmeal

Oats are fantastic at speeding up the healing process of a sunburn. Its nourishing properties help take the redness and sting away. Pop some oats in gauze and tie to the taps of the bath, letting the water run through the bag of oats and into the bath lets all of the good stuff soak in and then into your skin.


Colombia and Avocado

One of Columbia’s great beauty hacks is using avocado to embellish their hair.  It is great for your face but also great for getting that shiny hair you’ve always wanted. Mashup and apply as a hair mask as necessary to get the locks of your dreams.

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Discover which beauty hacks from other countries you should definitely follow!


Costa Rica and Orange Juice

A short-term solution 50/50 orange juice and water and applied with a cotton wool ball is supposed to reduce the size of your pores. Rinsing off afterwards is supposed to reveal smaller pores but make sure you wash it off properly, nobody wants a sticky face!

Chile and Red Grapes

Chilean women rely on crushed red grapes and flour to make a face mask that leaves glowing skin underneath. Whilst this may sound messy, it is worth it for that glowing skin!

Discover which beauty hacks from other countries you should definitely follow!


Italy Yoghurt and Olive Oil

Whilst the Italian’s are known for consuming a lot of olive oil they also use olive oil as one of their beauty hacks. They apply it on their hair to keep it smooth and shiny. By combining it with yoghurt they have found themselves a fantastic DIY hair mask!

Poland and Egg Yolks

Egg yolks are apparently good for strengthening hair and therefore preventing breakages. Combine this with olive oil and some lemon juice and that is the mask that Polish women are currently favouring.

India and Coconut Oil

Those Indian women are back at it again but this time with coconut oil. It has heaps of benefits but in India, they are using it for smooth, silky and shiny hair. There’s quite the mix of hair masks on this list but where do you start?


Discover which beauty hacks from other countries you should definitely follow!

Israel and Ginger and Honey

Preventing wrinkles in Israel has never been easier than with a concoction of ginger and honey. It’s great for a wake up in the morning routine and leaves your skin feeling wonderful. One of our great beauty hacks!

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