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5 Alternative Work-out Classes Every Gym Should Offer Immediately

5 Alternative Work-out Classes Every Gym Should Offer Immediately

With all the new and fancy work out classes available now, it's enough to make anyone crazy. Here are 5 alternative work-out classes every gym should offer.

With all the new and fancy work out classes available now, it’s enough to make anyone dizzy. There’s soul cycle and high-intensity aerobics, hot yoga and hot chocolate, a never-ending pressure and too much for any brain to handle. It’s simply not enough to go for a run anymore. Working out means running whilst hanging upside down, preferably in a water tank or whilst doing yoga, and skydiving from a horse. For anyone born with slight fitness reluctance it simply doesn’t sound like a good time for anyone. 

Here are 5 alternative work-out classes every gym should offer, that would actually be fun and encourage even the laziest human to hit the gym. 

‘Run from your responsibilities’ Runs

A class that actually allows you to run from your responsibilities, who could say no to that?  Ran 1k? We’ll take your £100 off your student debt. Made it a whole 5k? We’ll give you a day off work. These classes are sort of like those zombie runs, only a hundred times better. Here you get the chance to flee from your deadlines, earn a pass from your essays or trick yourself out of that one horrible family gathering you’ve been dreading all summer. 


We know that improved health should be reward enough for working out, but let’s be honest, it’s not. This is the class every student and overachieving human has been waiting for. 

Hot Toga 

Like Hot Yoga, only in these classes, there’s a lot more of just laying on the floor whilst hot men in togas feed you grapes and wine. No focus on weight or calories and nobody shames you if you’re unable to do a handstand. This class is all about personal enjoyment and will leave you feeling super zen. For a small fee, you’ll get your own yoga mat, free flow of fancy French wine and a personal Toga-man that you can take home or recycle as you please. 

Do a bit of stretching and bending and listen to some calming poetry. Hot toga is both intellectually and physically stimulating, perfect for beginners as well as spaghetti-like yoga professionals. 


Ikea Hurdling 

Ah Ikea, the place where flat-packed furniture thrives and marriages go to die. People often say that Ikea assembly should be a sport and in this alternative work-out class, it is! The class starts off with a race through the store where your goal is to grab as much as you possibly can. You’re then tasked with assembling the furniture you’ve gathered and stacking it into a massive hurdle. The first one to climb their hurdle wins and gets to take all their treasures home.

No sweaty white men in gym shorts making weird grunting noises, just you and your favorite Billy shelf and potted plants having a great time. We love a casual DIY class and it’s especially fun if you bring wine! 

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Hangover S(p)inning 

If the thought of going to the gym after a night out gives you inner eczema, this is the class for you! Sinning is exactly like spinning, except we skip most of the cycling part. Instead, we offer lots of gluttony and plenty of self-care! Bring snacks, pillows and a soothing face mask or two and these classes will help you cure even the worst of hangovers. Spinning bikes and towels are provided, but if you’d rather spend your time vomiting in the toilet, that’s up to you!

This class is all about treating yourself, feeling good and doing exactly what your tired butt desires! Sinning is a horrible name for a work-out class, I realize that. But this is as far as my brain would take me so what can you do? The point is; you’ll leave happy. 

Baggage claim Yoga 

Learn how to handle your baggage as well as your emotional baggage, all for the price of one! Inside every not-so responsible adult, there’s a child longing to sit down on the baggage claim carousel, spin around and wave to friends and family. Not only does this alternative work-out class provide you with the physical strength needed to handle your luggage, but it also gives you the emotional strength to distress and thrive in a busy airport environment.


Gain the skill to refrain from murder when you’re in a hurry and someone’s standing on the wrong side of the escalator or someone’s baby is kicking your seat. Baggage claim is very healthy and also very good for the sanity of your brain and soul. 

Which one of these alternative work-out classes would you buy a weekly subscription to? Let us know in the comments below! 

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