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Here’s How To Get Out Of A Date You Definitely Don’t Want To Go On

Here’s How To Get Out Of A Date You Definitely Don’t Want To Go On


We’ve all been there, agreed to go out on a date without thinking. The closer it gets to said date the more regret we feel, as we begin to think of the best possible excuse to get out of it. Finding the perfect excuse is hard work in itself never mind actually relaying that message to your date without hurting their feelings or repulsing them. After all there may be no interest in dating this person, you at least want them to remember you in a positive light. So here’s a few ways on how to get out of a date.

Here are some top tips in helping you get out of that date you definitely don’t want to go on:

1.  Play the sick card

Nothing too revolting but maybe a migraine or a sore throat. If you are opting for the sore throat, text your date and explain how sorry you are that you are cancelling over text. Explain you have no voice and want to avoid passing over your illness to them. If it’s a migraine, and your date has experienced a migraine then they should understand why you cancelled. Those are the worst!


2. Friend in need is a friend indeed

Tell your date your friend is having a crisis, nothing too dramatic. Just say something like “My friend has had a really bad week and needs cheering up, I’m going to have to comfort her. Sorry to cancel on you like this but she’s in need of some comfort”. It will show that you are a very caring person and you put your friends needs before your own. This is great though it might make you more attractive to them, and may lead to rescheduling, and another excuse from yourself.

3. All work and no play

This all depends on the type of job you have, but if you are usually given your shifts around the week before this could be the perfect excuse. Just explain to your date that you are sorry but you are working the day of your date. If they try to postpone just explain that you will have to wait for your next shifts before you can confirm. Maybe even add that you are thinking about doing extra shifts for more money. This will put him off asking you again whilst also respecting you as a hard worker.

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4. Family emergency

Don’t be specific and do not mention any illnesses or deaths as it is extremely bad karma. If you are using this excuse stay vague, usually nobody questions a family emergency. If your date is outspoken they may ask what the problem is. Simply say “don’t worry about it” or “I don’t really want to talk about it”, and continue to repeat these answers if they ask if everything is OK.

5. Be direct but not brutal

One of the simplest ways on how to get out of a date is just sticking to honesty. But be tactful and stay polite! You can just admit you are not ready to date even though they have been so lovely,  or that you just don’t think you are up for it. If you are a bit more brutal then you could friend-zone your date, it might hurt them.  However, they’ll at least  know you are an honest person.  It might allow them to pursue someone who may be better suited to them.

Do you have any tips on how to get out of a date? Let us know in the comments below.

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