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12 Tips For Food Shopping In Loughborough

12 Tips For Food Shopping In Loughborough

You’ve moved into a new flat and you need groceries. Rather than going to the catered halls, learn how to go food shopping in Loughborough. From budgeting to buying in bulk, keep reading for 12 tips for food shopping in Loughborough!

1. Don’t shop on an empty stomach.

It’s a mistake. Every. Single. Time. You’ll end up buying things you don’t need i.e. chocolate.

2. Budget!

Decide how much you’re going to spend on each shop before going to the supermarket which will keep you disciplined and create good shopping habits. Having a solid budget is probably the most important of tips for food shopping.


3. Compare prices and shop around.

You might not be getting full value for money, as sometimes the 99p store is selling your favourite brand of shampoo whilst you’re splashing out £5.99 for it in Tesco.


4. Participate in online shopping with your flatmates.

You can save money and prioritise what you actually need. Also, you end up seeing the deals you don’t necessarily get in stores and its delivered right to your door at a time that suits you!


5. Buy in bulk.

18 quality toilet rolls for £5 is cheaper than 9 for £3.50- be smart.

6. Look for online vouchers and in-store deals.

If you have a car, Sainsbury’s or Tesco do petrol points which saves you money off fuel every time you scan your Nectar or Clubcard.

7. Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s own-brand are your friends.

Buying luxury brands isn’t always necessary or feasible for a student. Try Tesco own-brand tomato puree or table salt, as generic products like these aren’t likely to taste that different from more popular brands.


8. Meal plan so you buy the right ingredients.

Planning your meals means you know what you’re going to eat in advance so you don’t suddenly run out of food mid-week and you can create your lunches/ dinners the night before, particularly if you have a busy schedule.


9. Cook in bulk.

Buying one portion of food at a time is laborious and money-wasting, cook in batches and invest in Tupperware to freeze it so you have meals for the week when you don’t have time to cook!


10. Buy frozen.

Frozen veg is your friend; it stays fresh and doesn’t go off so you’re not pressured to finish a whole bag of carrots in three days.


11. Share perishables with your flatmates.

If you buy fresh, split salad and fruit items with your friends so it’s cheaper and they won’t go off before u get a chance to eat them.

12. Most importantly, buy your alcohol at the supermarket!

This is so much cheaper than buying it from the Student Union and there’s usually a new deal on label vodka/rum/beer every week (remember your ID though!).

What are your tips for food shopping in Loughborough? Comment below and share the article!
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