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10 Cute Gameday Outfits At Nottingham Trent University

10 Cute Gameday Outfits At Nottingham Trent University

If you’ve ever struggled with finding cute gameday outfits at Nottingham Trent University, you know it can be pretty frustrating. Gameday can be a big deal for a lot of people at Nottingham Trent. For any gameday, whether that be in rain or shine, it’s important to feel fabulous, whatever your style, whatever the weather! So to make things easier, I’ve rounded up 10 of the most adorable gameday outfits at Nottingham Trent University to make sure you have a great time while looking killer on Instagram the next day!

1. The Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

This look is my personal favourite for any game day. Ripped jeans will always have a place in every girl’s heart. They add a bit of edginess to any look, and boyfriend jeans are the comfiest jeans you will ever own. Perfect for watching your man run around a pitch.

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2. Casual Trainers

Trainers go with everything. There’s nothing more perfect for a sporting event than trainers. They can drab down any OTT outfit in the best possible way, so you can still look stylish AF. They define the term smart-casual.

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3. An Oversized Jumper

The ultimate comfort. Perfect for those game days in the cold, oversized jumpers are the definite go-to. Wrapping up in something warm has never been so fabulous.

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4. The ‘CALI’ Look

For those girls lucky enough to be naturally tanned all year round, or just know a really great fake tan, this look is for you. Why not take advantage of your summer glow and bare all in the California inspired look. Think Hollister mixed with indie vibes; you rock them French Plaits. Perfect for a game day in the sun.

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5. The Sporty Chic Chick

For the girls that don’t just want the boys to be representing their varsity sports team, the sporty look is perfect. It lets everyone know how patriotic you are to your sports clubs & university, and that you just so happen to be part of a team yourself. You go girl.

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6. Pretty In Pink

The cutest of all the looks. This is for the girly girl, who doesn’t want to miss out on all the fun. She loves the idea of going to a game, but in reality she’s just there to look at all the fit guys running around. Super sporty, and super cute.

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7. The Girl Next Door

This look is simple but effective. You can never go wrong with a safe t-shirt and jeans. The words ‘basic bitch’ come to mind, but jazz it up with some accessories or a little slogan and you can make it your own. Game day can be the perfect opportunity to experiment with your style.

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8. All Black Everything

This look is a representation of someone in preparation for a day of drinking. This person began before the game started and is ready to continue whether their team wins or loses. Ready for the pub, club or bar, they’re here for the drinks, socialising and celebrating no matter what the result. Hence the ‘All Black Everything’. Perfect for every occasion.

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9. Sailor Chic

This look is another safe bet, but a classic none the less. I don’t know what girl can’t say they have a striped top in their wardrobe somewhere. This statement piece can be worn on all occasions and always comes back around. Never throw it out. It could be your life saver for a last minute game day look.

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10. Duvet Haute Couture

This particular look can be hard to pull off, but with a point in the right direction it can be achievable. There’s an attitude that comes with rocking this look, and it requires the wearer to not give a f*ck. The simple, but warm and cosy, look suggests the wearer couldn’t care less about game day or sports, and could think of nothing worse than standing in a cold stand with hundreds of screaming fans. This feeling can come to students most mornings, so it shouldn’t be too hard to pull off.

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Do you have any other ideas for cute gameday outfits at Nottingham Trent University? Share in the comments below!
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