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10 People You’ll Always Run Into At Nottingham Trent

10 People You’ll Always Run Into At Nottingham Trent

Known for the best nights out, Trent is full of marvellous characters, the best in the UK. Here's people you'll always run into at Nottingham Trent!

Known as the city for the best nights out, Trent is full of marvellous characters, you could argue some of the best in the UK. We’re the centre of everything, bringing in people from up and down the country and all over the world to study here. If you’re new to Trent or are popping up for a wild weekend, keep reading for 10 people you’ll always run into at Nottingham Trent!

1. The Fashion Student

Being ranked 14th globally as one of the best fashion schools in the world, Trent attracts the #fashionistas! You can normally spot them by their massive fur coats and blush culottes paired with Adidas trainers. They’re the girls that turn up on a Monday morning as though they just walked off the red carpet. Just fabulous. I salute the effort you go to ladies. Keep up the good work for those of us that are too lazy to get out of bed in the morning.

2. The Vintage Lover

Around campus, you will always catch that one guy or gal with their retro sports Parker from the 80s. They’re the types of student who can rock your granddad’s jumper and make it look chic. You get the odd individual who looks like they spent the night on the streets, with their vintage ripped Levi’s and baseball cap with holes in, but overall, it can be a fab look. With some of the top vintage shops right on your door step, if you didn’t love vintage when you came to Notts, you definitely will by the time you leave.



3. The walking Ocean nightmare.

One of the biggest nights out for any Trent student is the fancy dress, Ocean Wednesdays. On a Thursday morning you can expect to see half dressed cavemen strolling through campus. Girls rocking up to lectures in last nights make up and glitter still in their hair, after a busy night of being a unicorn. It’s just a messy morning for most really. A sight you can expect to see weekly. It’s inevitable you’ll end up being one of these people you’ll always run into at Nottingham Trent. Embrace it.

Some of the people you'll always run into at Nottingham Trent.

4. The one kid you see everywhere!

Then there’s that one kid you see everywhere. There are some people you’ll always run into at Nottingham Trent that you can’t avoid. For no apparent reason, you just happen to see this same guy everywhere on campus. You’re in the library? He just happens to pull up a chair opposite you. You’re getting a coffee? He’s enjoying his lunch at the table behind you. Just arrived for your lecture? He just had his in the theatre next to yours! He’s goes by a different identity for all of us. But he will always be there.



There are some people who are just all about that #gymlife. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a culprit of wearing my gym gear to a 9am with absolutely no intentions of stepping foot in the gym. It’s just a good excuse to spend an extra 15 minutes in bed. However you can guarantee that you will run into that one person on campus who seems to only own gym clothes. They’re always there. ‘The Gym’ is their self proclaimed degree, and uni will not get in the way of that.

6. ‘The Asian Squad’

‘The Asian Squad’ are another group you can be sure to run into at Trent. They’re more than likely international students, so tend to stick together around campus. They’ll gather at the SU to soak up the coffee fumes and sit on their Apple Mac’s all day. Their dress sense is impeccable and expensive and only they can make it work.



7. The Flyer Dude.

He’s that one guy that stands outside the SU & library handing out flyers for that nightclub that no one really wants to go to. Some people you’ll always run into at Nottingham Trent you wish you didn’t. Same spot every week. He’ll be there, you can be sure of that.

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8. The Deliveroo Guy.

For those of you that don’t know, Deliveroo is a takeaway delivery service from local restaurants, that arrive at your door via bicycle. This guy will deliver your take away treats as fast as his little legs can cycle him there. He’s is the saint of all saints. Braving the cold Nottingham winds to make sure your belly is fully satisfied. We love you Deliveroo Guy.


9. The Lads!

One type of person you will without a doubt see at Nottingham Trent are ‘the lads’. You can normally notice them from a distance. They wander the campus in packs, usually sporting a hoodie kind of look, or some sort of tracksuit bottom. They are the guys that act like they don’t care and more than likely have a gym membership. Every night is a party for these guys. If you’re not invited out with the lads, then you can throw away your hopes of ever becoming one.

10. The Drunk

Last but arguably the most important one to note down. The drunk local. You’ll catch the odd one around campus now and then. Fresh from a local boozer at lunch time, they’re just trying to find their way home. My personal advice would be to just leave them to it.

What are other types of people you’ll always run into at Nottingham Trent? Comment below and share the article!
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