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10 Amazing Food Places In Nottingham

10 Amazing Food Places In Nottingham

These are some of the best food places in Nottingham that we could find! Consider trying them out to give your tastebuds a good time!

Nottingham is a city that has something for everyone. From a compelling and rich history to contemporary art, and sports, the city has a lot to offer. And it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to food either. With a fine range of affordable and varied restaurants and cafes, the city’s food places are sure to tingle your taste buds without breaking the bank. Here are ten amazing food places in Nottingham.

1. Edin’s Kitchen

A deli-café situated in Broad Street, this quaint, cosy restaurant delivers tasty, homemade food at great prices. The café serves mouth-watering pastries, salads and sandwiches as well as a selection of wines and beers. Everything is affordable and even cheaper to take away. Edin’s is the perfect place for a date or an evening by yourself with a book.

2. 200 Degrees

This wood-panelled room in Flying Horse Walk welcomes you with the scent of its tasty coffee. Comfy and warm, it’s quickly turning into a popular coffee hub in the city. A great place to unwind with a warm drink, and some crispy croissants, the café also offers soups, salads and sandwiches. 200 Degrees is the kind of place you just don’t feel like leaving once you’re in.


3. Annie’s Burger Shack

A place to be for burger fanatics. A homage to rural US diners, this restaurant- located on Broadway- isn’t afraid to mix the classic burgers with a variety of offbeat toppings from seafood sauce to king prawns. Tasty, and experimental Annie’s is perfect for any burger lover.


4. Kitty Café

Tasty food, a lovely ambience and cute cats to keep you company. What more can you want? Kitty Café situated on Friar Lane is a cat lover’s dream. With tasty (and sanitary) food options as well as the freedom to play with and pet the cats, Kitty Café is sure to perk you up if you’ve had a bad day.


5. Oscar& Rosie’s

Located on Stoney Street, this restaurant offers New York style thin-crust, stone-baked pizza made from quality ingredients. Tasty, and affordable, it’s the go-to place if you’re craving pizza. Hungry yet?

6. Thea Caffea

This cute tearoom hidden away in Enfield Chambers is the perfect place for afternoon tea. With plenty of baked delights, finger sandwiches and an array of delicious teas, you’ll be spoilt for choice. This is one of our favourite food places in Nottingham.

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7. Tamatanga

A personal favourite, popular Indian restaurant Tamatanga in Trinity Square, always seems like it’s brimming with eager people. Offering Indian food with a modern twist, the contemporary restaurant offers traditional Indian food but with flavours that appeal even to locals. The restaurant has perfected the taste of an Indian home but with a balance of British twist.

8. Fat Cat Café Bar

It’s hard to miss this place- with its huge sign- if you’re walking by it. With its unique and catchy name, Fat Cat located on Chapel Bar is the perfect hub for a student. With an amazing range of food right from breakfast to dinner, the place also offers a variety of student discounts (including 50% off on Sunday). You’ll definitely find me there enjoying the mini-breakfast every Sunday!

9. Paste

There are a lot of popular restaurants offering a taste of Thai cuisine in Nottingham. From Thaikhun to Tarn Thai to Zaap, but the relatively new establishment on Carlton Street offers the same at a much more affordable price. Whether dining alone or with someone else, Paste is sure to offer a great meal with a really affordable bill at the end. This is one of the best food places in Nottingham.


10. Homemade

This cute, quiet café on Pelham Street is quite easy to miss if you’re walking by it. I discovered it by chance and the mouth-watering English breakfast and variety of homemade pastries on offer plus the airy outside seating made me fall in love with it on the first try. Rest assured I’ll be visiting this cafe as much as I can.

What are your favourite food places in Nottingham? Tell us in the comments!
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