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10 Reasons I’m Excited To Be a New Starter at NTU

10 Reasons I’m Excited To Be a New Starter at NTU

I'm very excited to go back to school this year because I will be a new starter at NTU! Here are my top 10 reasons for being excited to start university.

So… It’s that time of the year again. Many of you are actually getting desperate with all those back to school adds popping up on TV. But me on the other hand, I’m very excited to go back to school, specially because I’m going to be a new starter at NTU. So keep reading for my top 10 reasons for being excited to start university as a new starter at NTU!

I am so excited to be a new starter at NTU!

The fact that the Nottingham Business School is one of the top 5 in the world.

Nottingham Business School has recently been classified as one of the top 5% best business schools in the world after being accredited by the Association To Advance Collegiate Schools Of Business. The educational system has very high quality and is totally student orientated and adding to that, the facilities are simply amazing.

Nottingham itself is an amazing city.

An amazing city with incredible historical value, Nottingham is naturally a tourist destination and me, being Portuguese, am looking forward to discover this city since I believe that it’s going to be something completely different to what I’m used to. Deeply connected to the Robin Hood legend, I’m sure I will have a lot to explore.


The city also offers a big sporting centre named ‘Home of the English Sport’ and one of the oldest pubs in England – Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem. I was looking for a super student friendly city with loads of things to do and places to explore, relatively cheap and with good living conditions and at the same time with a big English influence. After some research I realised Nottingham was definitely the place to go.


The easy opportunities to explore.

There is an easiness in travelling- I’m in England, it’s easy to move around. If, like me, you’re a foreigner, we have an entire country to explore. Also, I’m a train ride away from England’s biggest airports that can take me anywhere in the world, specially anywhere in Europe.


So maybe some saving up during the year to take a little trip when uni is over would be a good idea, no?

The chance to meet people from all over the world at NTU.

Meeting people from all over the world is easy here. Every year England welcomes thousands of foreigner students into its universities. That means we get the chance to get to know thousands of new cultures and new people and normally make friends for life.


I’m sure I will discover things that I never even dreamed of by dealing with completely different types of people, and honestly, I can’t wait for that.

“Fresher’s Week First” week in NTU.

Apart from all the parties we can attend, there are loads of other things to be excited about. During the entire week I’ll meet new teachers, classmates, get to know my campus, find out everything about all the societies.

It’s an entire new world to discover with loads of opportunities and things we can do throughout the entire academic year.


The enjoyment of being away from home but not too far away.

Having the experience of actually leaving your parents house and have your independence is something unique and that everyone should go through, but the truth is… You’ll always end up feeling home sick.

For me, the fact that I’m only 2 and something hours away from my hometown makes everything a bit easier. Thank you low cost airlines.

The chance to be more independent.

We’re gonna be living alone or maybe sharing a house. There are thousands of things we will have to do on our own for the first time. This might be a bit overwhelming at first but in the end we will learn a lot from it.


Dealing with our own problems, we’re going to be pushed into the “adult life”. Cooking, cleaning up, working and studying will require a good sense of organisation. It will be tough but everything else we will get in return will make it completely worth it.


The opportunity of learning a new language.

All universities offer great opportunities when it comes to learning a new language. NTU is no exception. With a wide range on different languages you can choose from, you get to try them during Fresher’s Week – from French, Arabic, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin to Spanish.

You can also choose from more than one option if you’d like. I always loved learning new languages and I was thinking about taking advantage of the foundations given in high school and maybe learn French or Spanish. Who knows, maybe both. It’s always something that looks good on your CV.



Getting to learn more about the English culture.

I am moving to a new country so it can be quite a cultural shock. I will miss my sunny Portugal, seeing the ocean everyday, not have to carry an umbrella around until at least November, and not have to pull out of that big fluffy coat that is always in the back of my closet.

So I decided I’m just going to take it easy and let myself be involved by the English culture. Learn how to get used to the cloudy weather, dance in the rain, then go home and drink a good cup of warm tea and make the most of my time there by using every single second to learn new typical things and work on my accent.

It’s the start of the rest of our lives.

Finally and most importantly… I’m starting at university. NTU offers loads of great opportunities and I can take a chance on them all. This is the beginning of the rest of my life, it’s when we are supposed to start building our adulthood.


Yes, they’re supposed to be the best years of our lives but at the same time they’re probably the years that will require the most effort and hard work. We have to be prepared to do the best we can.

Can you relate to this student? Are you also excited to be a new starter at NTU? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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