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10 Exciting Reasons To Attend University Of Nottingham

10 Exciting Reasons To Attend University Of Nottingham

From the insane amounts of workload to working with great people, this is exactly what to expect your first year as a med student at University of Aberdeen!

To all of the freshers out there: you’ve really been through the ringer. You took the exams, agonized over your personal statement, and waited for those acceptance emails. To University of Nottingham freshers, allow me to pump you up! Here are 10 reasons for you to be excited about attending University of Nottingham!

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1. The campuses are absolutely gorgeous.

Sure, my favorite season is autumn, but the campuses look great all year-round. University Park, the largest campus, is a great place to stretch out lakeside and unwind. Take a walk through Jubilee campus during the weekend. You will always have a great photo backdrop.


jubilee campus

2. They have amazing professors.

I know that the professors at the University of Nottingham are always willing to go the extra mile for students. But, don’t take my word for it. The school was recently awarded gold in the Teaching  Excellence Framework, which means that the university was found to be one of the highest quality in the UK, no big deal.



3. The university has something for everyone who wants to get active.

The David Ross Sports Village, the Jubilee Campus Gym, and the Riverside Sports Complex are just a few places to get active. If you’re not sure that you want to commit to a team, attend a few taster sessions held at the beginning of the year and see what you think. Go out for cheerleading, see how you do at martial arts, or try your hand at Ultimate Frisbee. Should you join a team, get excited for the annual tri-campus games in which the Nottingham, China, and Malaysia campuses compete. And be sure to prepare for the Varsity Cup Games! You can compete against Nottingham Trent University and raise money for charity!


4. If sports aren’t your thing, join a society!

Do you want to meet more people on your course? Join your course or career’s society. Are you an international student feeling a little out of sorts? Join your country or culture’s society! Would you like to improve your public speaking? Interested in singing with a choir? Do you love board games? Well, there’s a society for you! Seriously, there is something for everyone.


5. Nottingham has amazing public transportation.

Nottingham City Transportation has late night buses (until 3.15am), a special bus pass price for uni students, and is always improving in whatever way they can. They were also awarded the UK Bus Operator of the Year, 2016. And you can’t forget the tram! I have actually heard students profess their love for the tram.  University of Nottingham has their very own hopper buses. They are free buses that have routes that go to the different campuses. Are you living in Uni Park with a placement in Derby tomorrow? The hopper buses have got you covered.


6.  Nottingham has a wonderful city life.

Since Nottingham is a university city (University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University), there is always something fun and engaging for students to take part in. As big as the city is, it’s also a very affordable place to live. There’s plenty of shopping to be done at intu Victoria and intu Broadmarsh. Take a day with friends to walk through the city centre; there are so many unique and quirky shops to be explored. Go to Savoy Cinema and take advantage of their amazing student prices. There’s the National Ice Centre, Nottingham Castle, and more. It’s your city now, get to know it.


city life

7. University of Nottingham is a global university.

University of Nottingham actively welcomes international students. Aside from the societies for different cultures, countries, and religions; there are many international holidays celebrated in Nottingham and on campus, such as Eid, Diwali, Caribbean Carnival, and Chinese New Year. And if Nottingham is too close to home for you, there are an incredible number of opportunities to study abroad. Take a year to study at the China Campus or Malaysia Campus.

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8. There is support for whatever you might need.

University can be an overwhelming experience. University of Nottingham offers academic support, disability support, and financial support. The student services include chaplaincy and faith support, childcare services, counselling, and an NHS healthcare and dentistry centre on campus. Nightline is a student-run service which provides a number for students to call for confidential listening. The university has set up all of these wonderful services to ensure that their students are able to make full use of their time here.

9. Research.

The University of Nottingham has recently invested over £200m to solve three of the six most pressing global challenges. These issues are securing sustainable food supplies, developing greener transport systems, and ending slavery globally and locally. Did you apply to universities hoping to change the world? Offer up your services, you don’t have to be a PhD student to make an impact.



10. Volunteer your services.

Do you want to make an impact but research just isn’t for you? The University of Nottingham has extensive volunteer opportunities that are open to all students. Help out in the local community, within the Students’ Union, or go overseas. You could also join a student-run group. There is Karnival, the largest student fundraising group in Europe, TEC PA and Lighting, the Student Union’s own lighting and sound company, URN, the award winning student run radio station, and more.

So, during all of the packing and travel plans, take heart in the fact that there is something waiting just for you. It’s #MeantToBe. Why are you excited to attend University of Nottingham? Let us know in the comment section below!
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