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10 Amazing Food Places In Nottingham

10 Amazing Food Places In Nottingham

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Nottingham’s food scene has seen a surge in independent businesses offering everything from tradition to tapas and all the bits in between.  With the Corner House and Market Square, or even a more latent location, there’s an endless list of eateries with a variety of flavours making it difficult for anyone of us to decide where we fancy wining and dining or which joint to go to for some cheap grub with friends. To narrow it down for you, here are the top spots that Nottingham has to offer, do any of the following take your fancy?

1. YAMAS Meze & Tapas

A ‘Mediterranean Oasis’ situated in the heart of Nottingham, this is a place for those of you craving a burst of flavours or for the indecisive amongst you who find great difficulty in deciding what dish is going to tickle your tastebuds. At a reasonable price, this institution accommodates almost anyone, regardless of whether you’re a broke student or a retired pensioner. For vegans, omnivores, carnivores and more, the extensive list of tapas on offer shows inclusivity being the imperative of this restaurant. With an outstanding four and a half stars it certainly is a credit to the city.


2. Hand and Heart

Dating back to the early settlers, Hand and Heart holds tradition as the pinnacle of it’s success. Situated in Sandstone caves of the Saxon period, this alternative restaurant is as full of character as it is of wines, ales and whiskeys. Whatever you may be looking for,this time-honoured capsule offers an accommodating menu for any time of year. With warm and hugging soups and casseroles for the winter months or a lighter menu to keep your summer body in tow, the wide range of food and flavours could put a smile on anyone’s faces.

3. Tamatanga

If you feel as though you have a more adventurous appetite and fancy something more distict and piquant then Tamatanga is the place for you. Offering indian cuisine with an urban twist, it’s not your standard dishes from the asian subcontinent. From their hearty and wholesome curry bowls to the famed ‘Tama Chips’, the medley of seasonings to make these dishes as spectacular as they are will surely make your mouth burst with flavour! Whether you fancy cooling off after your main with a traditional ice cream or a more cultured dish, be sure to check out their dessert menu to get the best out of your experience in this tasteful and affordable eatery.


4. Encounters Restaurant

Based on Mansfield road in the heart of the city, Encounters restaurant offers an array of menus from traditional British to continental and vegetarian cuisine. Though it may be edging on to a five star rating, the well established restaurant offers an extremely affordable a la carte menu for any time of the day whether you’re looking for a local lunch or an evening meal. Serving tradition by the crockery, and by the glass, you can accompany any steak dish with a pint of real Ale in this establishment. Not to fear though, for the more inquisitive of you who like to venture far and wide, the exotic menu on offer is just as comforting, making this joint your home away from home! Regardless of any preferences or allergens, there is something on the menu for everyone here so head on down, crack open a bottle and make memories to last a lifetime. 


5. MOD Pizza

A typical dish admired by many is the Italian classic, pizza. From the classic Margarita to a stuffed crust BBQ base, the options are endless with this carb stacked delicacy. It’s not very often however you get to enjoy brainstorming ideas to create your perfect pizza like what you get with the MOD Pizza chain. With an extensive list of toppings on offer including gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan options too, it’s likely that your mind make come to a standstill and you’re stuck for ideas. Not to worry though, with their top 10 pizza’s on offer from the Dominic to the Dillon James you’re sure to enjoy anything that goes between your lips in this joint.


6. Corinthian

If you’re after a much more civilised and elegant dining experience, and you’re willing to pay the price as well, then Corinthian restaurant is sure to tick all your boxes. Offeirng a different set menu every week there’s no way you will ever get bored of the food this restaurant has to offer. From one course for £11.95 to all three for a palatable £17.95, this restaurant definitely does not skimp on quality while still keeping within you’re budget for the meal. Finally, be sure to wash your meal down with a large glass of the high quality wine offered by the sizeable drinks list on offer, there’s really nothing quite like it!


7. Marco Pierre White – Steakhouse Bar and Grill

As a figure head in the culinary industry, it’s no wonder ‘The Godfather of Modern Cooking’, Marco Pierre White’s restaurant has made one of the top spots in the list of the best food places in Nottingham. Offering the finest quality steaks in the city along with other top quality foods for those with a smaller or less heavy appetite, the food in White’s eatery does add up to quite the sum. At only £16.95 for two courses on a Sunday however, you can taste test their high quality meat and wash it down with one of his delicious desserts all for under £20! definitely an opportunity that can’t be missed if you find yourself in and around the city,

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Continental, Carvery, Teppanyaki and more, this world buffet has almost any dish that you would want to fill your plate to the brim with. There’s no wonder this chain has grown to cities far and wide across the UK and has become a firm favourite with our over-indulging, ravenous selves. At only £15 to get your hands on your plate for the evening, you can spend as long as you want in the buffet enjoying flavours from all over the world. If you fancy filling up in the daytime however then a reduced price of only £8.50 for a lunch deal is sure to make your money go far!

9. Farro’s

Offering a huge array of sizzling favourites, from your own variation of their classic burgers to a lighter salad, no mater what you order from here it is sure to leave your mouth watering with a want for more as your belt is bursting at the seams! With the option to eat in or take out if you fancy the comfort of your own home, the top quality food offered by this establishment is divine regardless of your surroundings. So pick up the pennies as this cheap but cheerful restaurant is awaiting your arrival!


10. Loch Fyne Seafood and Grill

For those of you who care a taste of the ocean every now and then to remind you of your summers on the beach during these cold winter months, Loch Fyne has got you covered. As a popular chain nationwide, this well established organisation is only on the rise. Offering an A la carte menu alongside the range of fresh fish and seafood on offer you’re spoilt for choice here. Not to mention the optional offers suggested either! (Free glass of wine? No brainer).


What food places in Nottingham do you want to try? Tell us in the comments!

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