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Top Problems In Modern Relationships

Top Problems In Modern Relationships

Top Problems In Modern Relationships

Modern relationships face an entirely new set of problems than those from previous eras. From the introduction of social media to shifts in relationship expectations, love birds are figuring out how to adjust to current day issues that put a hurdle in their path to happily ever after. Here is a breakdown of today’s relationship-woes.

1. Social Media

Let’s face it… it is rare to come across someone who doesn’t have an Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter. Social media has become so deeply rooted in current-day culture, that it causes even the best of modern relationships to go sour.

With the tap of a finger, you are able to access what your significant other is doing, and who they are interacting with. It is becoming all too easy to catch lies or to become upset with seeing a certain-someone in their mentions.


Whatever the case may be, it is true (though hard for us to admit) that social media isn’t always our best friend.

2. Electronics

With the ever-changing world of technology, our culture is constantly being introduced to the newest fad device. Whether that be discreet ear phones or a cell phone that detects your facial feature to unlock.


With that being said, there isn’t a moment when we don’t have an electronic near us or glued to our hand. Latest generations are so focused on the screen in front of them, that personal contact is low on their priority list.

When building a modern relationship, this obviously builds more walls than pathways. You can’t create any love connection if you are more focused on your wi-fi connection.

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3. Pop Culture

Music, movies, and television shows promote characters that are extreme influences towards audiences. If someone makes one mistake, it isn’t time to call it quits and say “thank u next” (of course maybe if it exceeds the definition of mistake, perhaps hit the ground running).

A modern relationship is going to have ups and downs, and that should be expected. Pop culture all too frequently pushes the aesthetic of moving on at any sign of turmoil.


It also has become a trend to avoid catching feelings for someone. Singers, rappers, and actors alike have a spotlight on their every move. Love lives unfold in the public eye, and the actions of one party or another greatly affects how the public then chooses to act in their own personal situations.

If Ariana Grande says she is going to be single for awhile, then her entire fanbase may just follow suit.

*Sidenote: I love Ariana Grande; this was just an example. 


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4. Wanting To Be “Relationship Goals”

We are all guilty of this. You scroll through your feed and see the cutest picture of a couple kissing on a tropical beach at sunset. “I want to have a relationship just like that,” we all say to ourselves.


In modern relationships, we search for someone who will help us meet these goals. Whether that be taking the perfect photograph, making the cutest video montage, or having someone spoil us 24/7 like we see on TV.

Truth is, no matter how hard you try, your relationship will never reach these standards. No modern relationship is perfect, and by striving to reach these expectations you have set in your head, you are striving for something that is ultimately unattainable.


Everyone has good days and bad days. You can’t expect a partnering to be flawless 100% of the time- that just isn’t how the world works. What may look amazing on your favorite TV show, or in a picture you favorited, isn’t reality. Instagram is heavily edited, staged, and only the highlights of everyone’s lives. Television shows are scripted and portrayed by actors.

We can’t set standards for modern relationships from only one viewpoint of a scene.Though that couple online looks happy and perfect, you don’t know what happens behind closed doors. Don’t get down on yourself or your significant other because you feel like you aren’t ‘Instagram perfect’.


Have you experienced any of these modern relationship problems? Sound off below!

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